Type Combat Stat

Sprinting in The Outer Worlds is a Combat Stat. Combat Stats are passives, stats, objects or abilities that affect how the player interacts with the world.


Sprinting Information:

  • Sprinting is used to make your character run instead of walk.
  • You can check the "Controls" section to learn more about key-bindings.




Notes and Tips:

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    • Anonymous

      **Some notes on movement speed and modifiers based on tests I've done.**

      **TLDR at the bottom!**

      *(most final numbers will be rounded to 1dp for simplicity.*
      *imprecise percentages from testing will be rounded to the nearest multiple of 5, due to the in-game displayed percentages also always doing so).*

      Base sprint speed = **7.2 m/s**
      (Meters Per Second)

      *Base walk speed seems to be 45% slower.
      **walk speed ≈ 3.9 m/s**

      *The menu incorrectly indicates that Encumbered reduces sprint speed by 35%.
      However you cannot sprint while encumbered. Repeated tests show that in reality your walk speed is reduced by around 55%.

      **Encumbered walk speed ≈ 1.8 m/s**

      **TTD slows movement speed down by ≈ 70%.**

      Substantial fall damage decreases movement speed by 50% *(for ≈ 1 second.)*

      Body Attributes and Skills *do not* effect move speed.

      Armor weight also *does not* affect movement speed.

      2 Perks affect base movement speed:

      - Strider;
      +25% Walk Speed

      - Cheetah;
      +20% Run Speed

      2 Perks affect TTD movement speed:

      - Speed Demon;
      +25% movement speed during TTD

      - Tactical Master;
      +70% Movement during TTD for 5 seconds

      4 armor mod increase movement speed:

      - Cooling;
      Sprint speed +10%

      - Cushioned Soles;
      Walk Speed +10%

      - Skelerar-Muscular-Adreno-Stimulator;
      + movement during TTD
      *(Tests seem to show an almost negligable increase. Around 5% maybe. And it's only for about 7 seconds).*

      - Automated ATP Injector;
      Increases sprint speed at low health for a short time.
      **Specifically; +50% movement speed for 4 seconds.**

      1 Flaw affects movement speed:
      - Permanently Crippled;
      (-30% movement speed, making your move speed 5.04 m/s)

      now, for whatever reason the calculation becomes ****ed 3 ways to sunday when you combine the buffs and the flaw. it completely breaks down. i intened to show the order or method in which buffs are applied but honestly after a few hours i gave up trying to figure it out. but at least i can provide the combined results of the 3 main buffs. and maybe someone smarter than me can figure how its calculating.

      with both cheetah and Cooling (+20%, +10%) you get the completely normal and expected +30%. making your sprint speed 9.36 m/s

      However once try to mix a buff and a debuff everything goes to hell. with both Cheetah and Crippled, you get a confusing 5.86 m/s. which is actually -18.6% movement speed.

      once you add in Cooling as well, instead of it balancing out (because like... 20+10-30 should equal zero, imo) you get an inconvenient -11.4% movement speed debuff. making your sprint speed 6.38 m/s.

      honestly my brain is fried and i dont want to spend any more pointless hours figuring out why they would do this **** to us lol.

      so anyway,

      sprint speed = 7.2 m/s
      **with buffs:**
      - with Cheetah = 8.64 m/s
      - With Cooling = 7.92 m/s
      - with both = 9.36 m/s

      with debuff:
      - with Crippled = 5.04 m/s
      - with Crippled and Cheetah = 5.86 m/s
      - with Crippled, Cheetah, and Cooling = 6.38 m/s

      Skelerar-Muscular-Adreno-Stimulator is ****. dont bother.

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