Star-Crossed Troopers

Previous Passion Pills
Next None
Location Monarch
Rewards 38000xp, 2500 Bit Cartridge, Framed Photograph

Star-Crossed Troopers is one of the Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds. Companion Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to further their relationship with party NPCs or their alliances.


Nyoka is looking for some closure regarding her old team. The first stop is a grave where she personally buried a man named Hayes.

Star-Crossed Troopers Objectives

  • Visit Hayes' Grave with Nyoka
    Nyoka gave you directions to a spot on Monarch, where she buried Hayes, a member of her old crew.
  • Give Nyoka the Medallion
    You found a medallion with the word "CHARON" on it.
  • Ask Hiram for Help
    Nyoka believes the information broker can track down her lost friends.
  • Search the Outpost
    Rebekah and Anders were hired to clear an infestation out of an expansion site for Edgewater that Spacer's Choice abandoned in Emerald Vale. Head there with Nyoka and see if they're still alive.
    You found Rebekah's remains and retrieved her medallion.
    You found Anderson's remains and retrieved her medallion.
  • Collect 3 Pheromone Glands from Pungent Primals
    The Mantiqueen will only come out if it thinks a threat is invading its territory. A few Primal glands will do the trick. Nyoka suggested Scylla as prime hunting ground.
  • Speak to Nyoka
    Give these gross glands to Nyoka. Then find a place to wash your hands.
  • Clear Out Nyoka's Old Base
    It's time to head to Nyoka's old base, a cave on Monarch, in the region between Fallbrook and Cascadia.
    Clear out any Mantisaurs before searching for a spot to place the pheromones.
  • Search the Hive for the Remains of Nyoka's Friends
  • Open and Clara's bodies are in the caves somewhere. Find their remains and retrieve their medallions.
    You retrieved Opal's medallion
    You retrieved Clara's medallion.
  • Inspect the Mantisaur Feeding Grounds
    When you're ready, head to the feeding grounds to disperse the pheromones and lure out the queen.
  • Exterminate the Queen and her Hive
    Here they come. Kill the brood until the Mantiqueen shows up. They kill her, too.
  • Speak to Nyoka
    The Mantiqueen is dead and you've recovered Clara and Opal's medallions. Check with Nyoka.


Star-Crossed Troopers Walkthrough

This quest is only available if you have completed Passion Pills and have recruited Nyoka into your party. Speak to her after you have left Monarch Wilderness, and she will confide that she needs some closure and there's a dangerous task she would like your help with, in spite of how much she hates asking for help. Accept and you will begin the quest.

Hayes' Grave is way southwest of Monarch, and you'll need to head towards Fallbrook to get there. It's northwest of the C&P Boarst Factory. It's guarded by Raptidons that you'll need to kill first. Interact with the grave to receive 6,040 XP. Then speak to Nyoka. This will net you a further 6,040 XP.

Next you'll need to speak with Hiram, who is northeast of the grave site, which means you'll have to backtrack a little bit to find the road. Once you arrive at Devil's Peak Summint speak with Joy Voivode regarding the relay tower she is guarding. If you have the quest Signal Point in Space it will update with a note that you may be able to convince the C3 mercenary company to help you.

They are down the hill a short ways. You can Persuade (20) them not to kill you if you said you emerged from the tunnel, and then you can ask them to help you clear the Marauders from the Station. Additionally, if you inquire further about their boss you will obtain the Task: Mandibles of Doom.

If you complete this Task then you can convince the C3 mercenaries to help you attack the Marauders if you can get the main gate open.

Head the entrance of the Devils' Peak Station and defeat the Marauders there. There are a lot so be careful. If you have a minute head northeast and loot the Unique Weapon: Hammer of Olympus at Sundered Rock. Then head up the ramp and head into Devil's Peak Station.

Defeat the Marauders inside and then speak to the man via the Intercom, whom you will find out Hiram. If Nyoka is in your party he will recognize her. Hiram will ask you to wipe out the Marauders in exchange for double the going rate. He doesn't want his broadcasting equipment destroyed. There is a Lockpicking (55) door nearby that has some loot inside, so consider picking it if you can. Then double back and head up the elevator that is now open.

You'll need to kill all the Marauders here. If you finished the Mandibles of Doom task and convinced the C3 mercenaries to help you, they will help you wipe out the Marauders. Use the Intercom to open the door and speak to Hiram Blythe. You'll gain 2,500 Bit Cartridges. Ask him about the Information Broker and you'll gain an Achievement/Trophy and 16000 XP.

Hiram will ask you to jump start the tower by heading outside and flipping a switch. There is a terminal on the way that you can read some backstory about the Station if you wish. Once you flip the switch a ship will crash land nearby and Graham and Sanjar will argue over what to do with it, and the Faction Quest: Canid's Cradle will trigger.

Speak to Hiram again and say Nyoka needs a favor. You can Persuade (35), Intimidate (35) or Lie (35) to get him to help her. This will net you 6400 XP and give you the coordinates of the Outpost in Emerald Vale that Rebekah and Anderson went to.

Return to Terra 2 Emerald Vale

Head to Edgewater and fast travel to the Geothermal Power Plant. Then head northwest to the Abandoned Spacer's Choice Settlement. You'll have to defeat a group of Marauders there. Examine the key card panel on the busted door to get inside. You'll find Anderson and Rebekah dead on the floor. Loot their Medallions (Anderson's CHARON Medallion and Rebekah's CHARON Medallion) for 6000 xp, and give them to Nyoka. There is a rusty journal nearby that explains what happened to them.

Nyoka is not happy that they decided to abandon Clara, but decides to bury them together anyway. She'll ask you to head to Scylla to collect some Primal Pheromone Gland. You need to head there to get these, as they don't drop from just any Primals.


Once on Scylla head to the nav markers and defeat the Pungent Primal Behemoths and loot the Pheromone Gland to gain 6400 XP. Your quest will update and next you'll need to give them to Nyoka. This will net you another 6400 XP. Then you need to head back to Monarch to kill the Mantiqueen.

The Mantiqueen

The Mantiqueen is all the way at the southern most part of the map so fast travel to the C&P Boarst Factory or Cascadia Turnpike and head south. Use the terminal at the nav point and put in the password that Nyoka gave you "Charon" to open the door to the Mantisaur Hive.

Once inside loot Opal's CHARON Medallion and Clara's CHARON Medallion from the bodies and defeat the Mantisaurs, then place the Pheromone Gland at the nav points. This will trigger some dialogue with Nyoka and then you'll need to kill the Mantiqueen and her minions. Speak to Nyoka afterwards to gain 38000 XP and 1200 Bit Cartridges. Talk some more and you'll gain a further 1,375 Bit Cartridges and a Framed Photograph. You can convince Nyoka to keep or leave the medallions behind, though there is no impact either way. You can then inspect the graves of the fallen and the quest is complete.

Star-Crossed Troopers Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 38000xp, 2500 Bit Cartridge, Framed Photograph


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        Unable to progress the quest in emerald vale. Each time I get near the cave entrance I crash to desktop with no error.

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          There's a bug where if Nyoka goes down on Supernova difficulty then the quest will be botched, even if you revive her. She also seems to spawn dead on Groundbreaker. So don't take her there if you've not completed this quest.

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