The Outer Worlds's Player Starship or Spaceship refers to the main ship used by the player character and associated Companions. From this main hub, players may launch Quests, travel to other Locations within the Solar System of Halcyon, and perform other tasks.


Player Spaceship (Starship) The Outer Worlds



The Spaceship is obtained as part of the game's prologue, and becomes the main hub for the player and their party. Recruited Companions will inhabit the ship alongside an AI called ADA that is in charge of navigation and communications within the vessel.

  • When Companions disagree with the player character's actions, they might return to the ship - even in the middle of a mission or exploration.
  • Up to 6 Companions can join the player's party and ship
  • Only 2 Companions can accompany the player out in the field, for a field party maximum of 3.


Spaceship Locations

The ship has some locations that are initially locked off, but can be unlocked by the player by purchasing in-game passes

  • In-game passes are some form of key used to unlock Locations within the ship and around the Solar System, but we do not yet have details on how these are acquired.
  • Some Locations are also closed off pending Quest advancement.


Spaceship Functions

Players can organize travel to other planets, space stations, asteroids and moons from within the Spaceship

  • It is unconfirmed if players can interact with Companions and develop their questlines while within the ship
  • It is unconfirmed if any sort of crafting or harvesting is available within the ship
  • It is unconfirmed whether players can upgrade their ship
  • Additional NPC crew for the ship is also unconfirmed.




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