Strange Disappearance of a Watchman

Murder on Eridanos Side Quest
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Location Eridanos

Strange Disappearance of a Watchman is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds, available with the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Side Quests are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Short Description

Strange Disappearance of a Watchman Objectives

  • Investigate the Wilderness Checkpoint
  • Investigate Botanical Operations
  • Investigate the Complex Between the Hotel and the Orchards
  • Search Room A2
  • Report to Lilie Vargas
  • Question Amelia Stillwell


Strange Disappearance of a Watchman Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired by speaking to Lilie Vargas at the start of the bridge from the Grand Colonial Hotel to the Purpleberry Orchards.

She tasks you with searching for her missing crew member Evan and asks that you check out the Wilderness Checkpoint to the North. Head to the location and clear out any hostiles in the area. You can lockpick the door to the building or head out the back, up the ladder and climb in through the hole on the roof. Read the Wilderness Checkpoint Note on the desk, this puts you on Evan's trail. Head to the Botanical Operations, it's the little building walled-in by hedges Southeast of the checkpoint. Inside, head down the stairs into another room and read the Work Assignment List on the board. This takes your investigation to the small island complex between the Hotel and the Orchards. You can also use your Amplifier to look for clues in the room.

Head to the complex and look for the small building. Head inside and pick up the recording on the bed for your next clue. Head back to the Hotel and enter the basement via the stairs near the kitchen. Make your way to Room A2, which requries a keycard to open. Your Amplifier should alert you about a discrepancy. Analyze it and it should show you a hidden compartment in the floor where the keycard can be found. Open the door and kill the Parasite inside. Analyze the corpse of Evan to determine the cause of death and his likely murderer. You can report to Lilie with what you know but if you want more experience, back story and a proper concluson, speak to Amelia Stillwell.

Amelia is stationed at the bridge to the Pilothouse. Speaking to her, you find out that Evan had begun acting strange and Amelia assumed he was just drunk, but pressing further reveals Evan attacked Amelia all of a sudden and she was forced to defend herself. You can choose to let Amelia be or tell her she needs to pay for Evan's death. She will attack you with the latter.

Report back to Lilie to conclude the quest.


Strange Disappearance of a Watchman Rewards

Unlocks quest: N/A

Other Rewards: 



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    • Anonymous

      Bruh in my playthrough, Amelia died before I could even talk to her. Just outta the blue. It autosaved as soon as it happened too, so I couldn't go back to where I was before.

      • Anonymous

        At the end of the quest, another option is to speak to Amelia Stillwell before speaking to Lillie Vargas. You can find out everything you need to know first, and then when turning in the quest you can Lie [105] to claim that Amelia murdered Evan in cold blood. Amelia will be arrested by the Constable.

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