SugarOps Armor
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Company Aramid Ballistics
Armor Type Heavy
Item Lvl 17
Skill Bonus Defense Skills +5
Modifications Hunter Kit
Reactive Kinematic
Factory Stock Armor Plating
Weight 5.00
Condition (Max) 10,000/10,000

SugarOps Armor is a Unique Body Armor in The Outer Worlds. Armor can be worn by the player to reduce incoming damage dealt by Enemies. Armor also changes the physical appearance of the player when worn.


Rizzo corporate armor customized to protect their elite SugarOps team.


SugarOps Armor Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this Armor:


Where to Find & Location

  • Cascadia, take the lift on the bridge downstairs, it's on an enemy inside the bridge safe house.


SugarOps Armor Notes

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  • Note 2





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      He never spawned for me. I know I’m at the right place too. Also, the two security bots in the hideout weren’t there either. Is there something I need to do to trigger him being in the hideout?

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