The Amateur Alchemist

Previous The Distress Signal
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Location Roseway
Rewards 21000xp
1875 Bit Cartridge
Auntie Cleo Reputation Up

The Amateur Alchemist is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Vaughn Cortes, one of the labcoats in Roseway, asked you to look into the status of an experiment he left running in Auntie Cleo's Secret Lab, which lies south along the road out of town.

The Amateur Alchemist Objectives

  • Deal with the Abandoned Experiment
    Deal with the experiment as you see fit.
    Vaughn is collecting raptidon musk, which he plans to sell to the makers of an aphrodisiac. The experiment can be found "in the lower levels, way in the back". Vaughn also mentioned dissection tables, so you've got that to look forward to.
    Vaughn seemed particularly anxious to avoid Anton finding out about his little side project.
  • Speak with Vaughn
    That's taken care of. Head on to Vaughn and let him know his experiment's been dealt with.
    The equipment wasn't calibrated properly. You adjusted it before completing the experiment, resulting in twice as much raptidon musk.


The Amateur Alchemist Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest when you arrive in Roseway as part of The Distress Signal, if you go into the Auntie Cleo apartments area and talk to Vaughn Cortes. Accept his request for aid to start the quest.

You'll need to head to the Cover Labs, outside Roseway by a good ways to the southeast. Once inside you'll need to fight your way through the Outlaws and Raptidons in order to get to Vaughn's Research. This will overlap with The Distress Signal and The Doom That Came to Roseway quests. Once inside the lab use the terminal to decide what to do with the data.

Recalibrate Experiment (Science 50) yields Raptidon Musk x2, allowing you to give two samples out rather than one.

Extract Sample gives you 1 Raptidon Musk.

This area also has the Unique Weapon: Rapti-prod

Once you have the data you'll have to decide who to give it to: Vaughn, Anton or Gladys. If you have only one sample, you can only give it to one, and if you do give it to Gladys, you will Botch the quest. Either Vaughn or Anton will complete it, still giving you XP.

If you return to Vaughn you have the option to give him 2 samples or lie (45) to keep half. You'll get 8250xp, and 11000 xp, plus Auntie Cleo Reputation for completing the quest. You can also ask for 1875 Bit Cartridge.

If you give the samples to Anton before accepting Vaughn's quest, you will not be able to start it.


The Amateur Alchemist Rewards

Give to Gladys, 0 XP, 1,825 Bit Cartridges, Quest Botched

Give to Anton 21000 XP, Quest Completed

Give to Vaughn 21000XP, Quest Completed, 1,875 Bits Reputation Up with Auntie Cleo



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