The Chimerist's Last Experiment

Previous The Ice Palace
Next None
Location Groundbreaker
Rewards 20000 - 35000 xp
Other rewards depend on outcome

The Chimerist's Last Experiment is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.


The evidence you found in Cascadia and on HRS-1084 convinced Lilya Hagen that Dr. Eva Chartrand is at the center of an alien invasion conspiracy. She wants Chartrand killed for the good of humanity.
Chartrand is a Board-sponsored Chimerist - a scientist who manipulates the nuclein of plants and creatures from Earth to survive on colony worlds.

The Chimerist's Last Experiment Objectives


The Chimerist's Last Experiment Walkthrough

This quest is obtained after finishing The Ice Palace and speaking to Lilya Hagen on Groundbreaker.

Head to Dr. Chartrand's house in Byzantium within the Estate District and use the Byzantium Estate Key to open the door and enter Dr. Chartrand's Home. Once inside, use the terminal to read her logs and notes, some of which talk about you checking the lab terminal on Cascadia and your takeover of HS-1084. Use the same terminal to open the lab and head down the elevator. Head forward and speak to Dr. Eva Chartrand. You can tell her that Lilya Hagen sent you to kill her, and she will say she does not know Lilya (if you bring her up) or wonder if you were sent by The Board. You can Lie (1) to her to get her to tell you what she is doing, which is finding a new way to feed the colony, as the crops that humanity brought from Earth are not reacting well to the local soil and are not giving humans the needed nutrients to survive. She will tell you that the colony will starve unless she can alter humans to thrive on the nutrients found in Halcyon, and will try to dissuade your fears that there is any alien takeover if you bring it up. She will also reveal that they didn't want to experiment on unwilling humans, so they instead experimented on each other, and will bring up the concerning fact that they contacted Earth about this years ago and never heard back.

Important: You need to be on decent standing with The Board or you won't be able to persuade the guards to let her go. If you're falling into aggro or don't get options, go do some quests for The Board and come back later.


Ask her to work with Phineas Welles:

You can tell her to work with Phineas Welles, and she will agree and you'll gain 15000 XP and gain Negative Reputation with The Board. You'll have to convince the guard not to attack you as well by mentioning Sophia, Persuading him (100) or bribe with 2673 bits. When you return to Lilya Hagen you'll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp. Phineas Welles will make no mention of Dr. Chartrand, however.

Ask her to work with The Board:

You can tell her to work with The Board, and she will agree and you'll gain 15000 XP and gain Positive Reputation with The Board. You'll  have to convince the guard not to attack you as well. When you return to Lilya Hagen you'll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp.

Kill Her:

You can also kill her, which will net you negative reputation with The Board. Travel back to the Groundbreaker, speak to Lilya, and get 15000xp, 20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, SubLight VP Armor, and a promotion to "Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions".

When you travel back to your ship you'll find SubLight Salvage Poster, and potentially a hand-written letter from Catherine Malin.


The Chimerist's Last Experiment Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: SubLight to the End Trophy / Achievement, 35000-20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge. Reputation varies per choice. 

Sublight VP Armor can be acquired by killing Dr. Eva Chartrand, and then talking to Lilya Hagen.


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    • Anonymous

      I have 147 persuade and i could not prevent themfrom attackimg me it requires 150, which is insane! It feels like a complete waste spending so much on it.
      Only encountered checks like 60 80, and the a insane jump to 150. I just feel like i wasted like 60 points.

      • Anonymous

        They really should've added the choice to lie to Lydia so that you can still get that positive rep for SubLight.

        • Anonymous

          How to get both positive Board Reputation and positive Sublight Reputation: 1. Agree to allow Dr. Chartrand to keep working for the Board 2. Bribe/Persuade the guard 3. Sneak attack kill Dr. Chartrand (guards should not attack) 4. Return to Lilya If you did it right, you get Board rep and only lose a small amount for killing the doctor. Lilya acknowledges she’s dead a gives you the VP set and the positive rep.

          • Anonymous

            The above is incorrect, you get the SubLight Salvage Poster regardless of how you complete the quest, you don't need to kill the Dr.

            • Anonymous

              I don't know with some people here but the option to bribe the guards only shows up with 100 persuade. If you don't have that, the option doesn't show up unless you have the option Show Dialog Skill Stats set to Always or to Only When Close. If not that, the guide mentions needing to have good standing with the Board to have the options available. Mine was sitting 28% Agreeable when I tried.

              • Anonymous

                Didn't have any problems on PC via Xbox Game Pass. Told her to work with Phineas, and when the guard challenged me I had the option of bribing him, using a Persuade 100 check, or fighting him.

                • Anonymous

                  I've had the same issues as everyone here. Playing on the Xbox version, if it makes a difference. I *have* found a kind of work around - rather than asking her to work for the Doctor, I told her to keep working for the Board. This time the Commander *did* give the bribe option. Only the bribe option mind you, but at least it let me resolve the issue without combat. Hope this helps!

                  • Anonymous

                    I think the quest is broken. I tried to convince her to work with the doctor, she said yes, then the guard interrupted and the only thing I could do was say that Itd be a waste to drag my dead body out or just fight him and either way her attacks me and dr. Eva joins in and I cant pacify her.

                    • Anonymous

                      Quest is broken for me at the very end. Trying to send her to Phineas leads to a situation where I have no option to avoid combat with her and the guards in the room. Then it seems like everyone else in Byzantium is hostile as well.

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm not getting any of these options with the guard mentioning Sophia, Persuading him (100) or bribe with 2673 bits

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