The Electric Fling

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Location Gorgon
Rewards Depends on outcome

The Electric Fling is one of the Side Quests in Peril on Gorgon DLC of The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Roscoe Clanton, a former Byzantium journalist, was stranded on Gorgon when the project was shuttered, and now Spacer's Choice won't let him leave until his employment contract is fulfilled

The Electric Fling Objectives

  • Retrieve the Phonograph in the CHEM Lab Storage Room
  • Retrieve the Phonograph in HIA Observation Room B
  • Retrieve the Phonograph in the OCI Projector Room
  • Retrieve the Phonograph at the GPO in the Ravine
  • OPTIONAL: Return the Phonographs to Roscoe Clanton
  • OPTIONAL: Return the Phonographs to Georgie's Automech (NTVUR)


The Electric Fling Walkthrough

You can acquire this side quest from Roscoe Clanton at the second floor of the Sprat Shack at gorgon.

In order to complete this Side Quest you'll first need to be able to access each of the facilities and find the Phonograph

Once you have all the phonographs you'll have the option to deliver it back to Roscoe Clanton or to NTVUR.


The Electric Fling Rewards

Other Rewards:??


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    • Anonymous

      NTVR doesnt have any options but kick him or leave him alone he keeps saying he is in wait mode so i went and talked to Roscoe but didnt give him the phonographs and went back to NTVR and same dialog no options to give him the phonographs but both are indicated map markers GLITCHED QUEST

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