The Force Ultimatum

Skill ???
Magazine Size  
Special Effects  
Sell Value  

The Force Ultimatum is a Unique Weapon in The Outer Worlds. Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies. Each weapon has different attack values such as: damage, rate of fire, reload time, etc making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


In-Game Description


The Force Ultimatum Information

The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type   Magazine Size  
Skill ??? Effective Range m
Damage Type   Max Range m
Damage   Recoil º
DPM   Aim Spread Reduction º
DPS   Sway º
RPM   Spread º
Rate of Fire Shots/s Noise Range m
Equip Time s AoE Radius m
Reload Time s Max Charge Time s
Crit Chance % Ammo Per Shot  
Crit Damage % Special Effects  
Post Armor Multiplier % Condition (MAX)  


The Force Ultimatum Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:

  • Mod 1
  • Mod 2


Where to Find & Location

  • Location 1
  • Location 2


The Force Ultimatum Notes

  • Note 1
  • Note 2



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