The Long Tomorrow

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Location Edgewater - Emerald Vale
Rewards 3500 XP
Spacer's Choice Reputation
Bit Cartridge x500

The Long Tomorrow is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache of anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center.

The Long Tomorrow Objectives

  • Retrieve the Cache of Medicine
    Abernathy believes he's dying. He wants a special cache of anthrocillin, found in the Emerald Vale Community Center.
    Esther confronted you outside of Abernathy's house, and suggested that you should give the medicine to her instead of Abernathy.
  • Turn in the Medicine
    You found a hidden cache of experimental anthrocilling. This could be useful to someone.


The Long Tomorrow Walkthrough

Speak with Martin Abernathy in Edgewater to receive this Quest. As soon as you exit his residence, you will be confronted by Esther Blaine who will ask you to sell her the medicine instead, citing that Abernathy is a known hypochondriac. If you pass a persuade (10) check, Esther will say that she wants the medicine to treat the sick people in town, who cannot be treated due to lack of medicine and red tape.

You can find the Experimental Anhtrocillin in the Emerald Vale Community Center inside the medical area. You'll need the Medical Bay key to get in there, which can be found on one of the Marauders. Once you obtain it you can give it to Esther or Martin.

Give Medicine to Martin

If you give it to Martin you and pass a Medicine (5) check, he will tell you he doesn't know what a hypochondriac is. Give him the Anhtrocillin and you'll gain 3500 XP, Spacer's Choice Reputation and 500 Bit Cartridges. You can then Persuade (5) or Intimidate (5) him to give you an additional 300 Bit Cartridges. (You can give medicine to him and then pickpocket it back.)

Give Medicine to Esther

If you give it to Esther, you will receive 7000XP, Spacer's Choice Reputation up, 700 Bit Cartridge. You can intimidate to get some more bits or charm to get another 300 Bit Cartridge. Esther will also tell you who she's giving the medicine to: Silas, Amelia Kim from the canteen, and "anybody in the Sickroom". You can go talk to Rosemary Kwan there, and persuade her to take the medicine from Esther.

Give Medicine to Constable Reyes

Alternatively, if you give it to Constable Reyes, you will receive 2250xp, The Board Reputation increase, and 500 Bit Cartridge. However, she will not distribute the medicine amongst Edgewater citizens for she will confiscate it and claim that it is illegal contraband.  

Post-hand-in Pickpocketing

  • You can pickpocket the medicine after turning it in, and go to the other people to get Bit Cartridge rewards (but no reputation or xp)


The Long Tomorrow Rewards

Unlocks quest: none

Other Rewards:



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    • Anonymous

      If you complete this mission after diverting power to the deserters, and away from Edgewater, you will be unable to talk to Rosemary Kwan, as the door to the sick room will be sealed.

      • Anonymous

        exp rewards for all choices seem to be the same, I believe you get less XP higher level you are when you turn in the quest. Also monetary rewards might depend on your skills and/or level as I got 875 for delivery from Esther and 375 after persuasion (charisma) .

        • Anonymous

          Just gave the medicine to Esther and she doesn't give out 7000xp, it's 1500+2000=3500xp, same as Abernathy. You can however still get the extra 90xp for passing the medicine check on Abernathy beforehand.

          • Anonymous

            Unsure how it will affect the outcome of the game later on, but if you have the Pickpocket ability from the Stealth skill, you can pickpocket the medicine back from whoever you give it to, and give it to the other two people who want it and claim each Bit reward. For example, I gave it to Abernathy first, pickpocketed it back and gave it to Reyes, then pickpocketed it again and gave it to Esther. You only get the XP reward and faction rep from the first person you hand it to, however.

            • Anonymous

              The title of this quest is a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "The Long Morrow" in which the main character was supposed to be in suspended animation for a 50 year space flight, but disconnects himself from the suspended animation system so that when he returns he will have aged the same as a woman he leaves behind on Earth.

              • Anonymous

                You can also turn the cache of medicine to Constable Reyes for exp, 500 bit cartridges, and reputation for The Board.

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