The Man Who Chafed

Murder on Eridanos Quest
Previous A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry
Next An Unfinished Accusation
Location Pireaus SpaceportEridanos
Rewards 5000 Bit Cartridge

The Man Who Chafed is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Chief Among Helen's many injuries and afflictions at the time of her death were signs of poisoning. Identifying who poisoned her, and why, could lead you to the real murderer.

The Man Who Chafed Objectives

  • Speak to Dr. Goodnight
  • Gain Access to VIP Floor
  • Speak with Spencer Woolrich
  • Speak with Chef Anwar
  • Speak with Bellhop Owens
  • Search Owens' Corpse
  • Retrieve the Kitchen's Security Footage
  • Confront Spencer


The Man Who Chafed Walkthrough

This quest is automatically acquired upon completing A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry.

Speak to Dr. Goodnight who can be found in the Hotel's Medical Center, one floor above the lobby. Take the stairs on either side of the lobby. Dr. Goodnight has completed her autopsy of Halcyon Helen and concludes that she ingested a poisonous compound during her last meal. She suggests that you check on Spencer Woolrich, giving you a new lead. Speak to Concierge Halston to ask for access to the VIP Floor. You can persuade or intimidate her with relative ease. Otherwise, you can bribe her for a measly 780 bits. Go to the elevators and head for the VIP floor.

At the VIP Floor, you can find Spencer in his room down the hallway to the right of the entrance. He seems to have mistaken you for his rehearsal partner. Humor him for some interesting dialogue and then question him about his poisoning. Head back out to the lobby and turn left. Before the Ballroom area, there is a small pathway to the right leading to Chef Anwar. After speaking to the chef, your investigation leads you to Bellhop Owens and the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve, as well as retrieving the Kitchen's Security Footage from Constable Keene's office at the Piraeus Spaceport. You can complete these objectives in any order. Note that if you've not started the quest Prince of Tossball, you will have to wait until you've progressed enough in that quest to access the Spaceport before you can continue with the security footage objective.

At the Spaceport, you can find the Constable's Office near the entrance. Head inside and past the reception. You will find the Constable murdered on the floor. Pick up her keycard on the desk and use it on the the terminal outside to retrieve the Kitchen Security Footage. Alternatively, you can hack the terminal. Afterwards, fast travel back to the hotel and head for the Northern bridge towards the Reserve. You will arrive on a small island and find Bellhop Owens dead on the ground to the left. Defeat the hostile creatures and infected Hosts nearby then inspect Owens' body for Bellhop Owens' Invoice. Head back to the Hotel and confront Spencer about his activities. He will reveal that he had indeed poisoned Helen but only meant to incapacitate her.

Report back to Administrator Ludovico


Note that completing this quest will unlock An Unfinished Accusation if you've also completed one of the following:



The Man Who Chafed Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards: 5,000 Bit Cartridge



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