The Man in High Orbit

Previous Mostly Harmless
Next Starship Hunters
Experiment Perilous
Location Olympus - Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station
Rewards 120.000XP
CHEM Lab Passphrase
Employee Benefits

The Man in High Orbit is one of the Main Quests in the Peril on Gorgon DLC of The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Locate Dr. Jasper Low and retrieve his means of access to the CHEM Lab on Gorgon. After the collapse of Project Gorgon, Dr. Low was rumored to have been traded to a secret Auntie Cleo's science facility orbiting Olympus

The Man in High Orbit Objectives

  • Land at the Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station
  • Locate Dr. Jasper Low
  • Access the Electromechanical Turbine Platform
  • Use the Terminal to Reactivate the Turbine
  • Return to Dr. Jasper Low


The Man in High Orbit Walkthrough

Once you land interact with the intercom on the right part of the room. Convince the Receptionist Kelly to open the door, you can offer her a lift to the Groundbreaker, and she will give you the Cell Stability Mono-Lens.

Continue ahead and defeat the Security Robots. On the left part of the ship you'll find Dr. Jasper Low behind a locked door (You can also go inside by crouching through the opening).

Speak to Dr. Jasper Low. He will ask you to activate the turbine and give you the Turbine Platform Keycard. Use the elevator located on the north part of the ship to access the Turbine area.

 Once you reach the top level activate the leaves located on the right and left part of the ship. Once both levers are activated interact with the computer to re-activate the turbine.

Head back to Dr. Jasper Low. He will give you the CHEM Lab Passphrase and the Employee Benefits and you'll unlock the Experiment Perilous Quest.


The Man in High Orbit Rewards

Other Rewards:??



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    • z.......
      Has anyone noticed how these line of quests, are now opening 2 further quests same time ??
      And if you read the walk thru's , you need to have the 2 you opened to proceed ?
      Its like they ran out of time, and shortened it by doing it this way as a double ?

      • Anonymous

        started the turbines up again, spoke to Dr. Low and he acknowledged the power was back on. Got the lab access and ETC but the quest hasn't been deemed completed. Can't continue :(

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone know if there's a bug when accessing the Electromechanical Turbine Platform?? Cause once I try to go up I die for no reason :S

          • Anonymous

            You can only send the draft after you've fixed the turbine. If you send the message talk to Jasper afterwards, there's an extra dialogue option where you can tell Jasper you've sent the message and he will tell you they'll surely come for him. You can respond in various ways. Far as I can tell this does not make much of a difference.

            • Anonymous

              Does anyone know what happens if you send Dr. Low's draft? I came across it before talking to him, and I almost sent it on accident. I'm wondering how it would have affected things had I sent it.

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