The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon

Previous Radio Free Monarch
Next Mostly Harmless
Location Gorgon
Rewards 15.675 XP

The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon is one of the Main Quests in the Peril on Gorgon DLC of The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


The Halcyon Parcel Service delivered a package for Alex Hawthrone. Since Hawthrone is out of the picture, the package is yours by law

The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon Objectives

  • Open the package
  • Speak to Minnie Ambrose
  • Pick up Lucky's Trail at the Sprat Shack
  • Enter the office of Creative Incubation
  • Find the Admin terminal in the Office of Creative Incubation
  • Locate Facility Staff Using the Comms Tower


The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon Walkthrough

You'll acquire this quest at the Unreliable after you complete the Radio Free Monarch quest. Speak to ADA and you'll get a package. Open the package on the Unreliable and pick up the radio message.

Travel to Gorgon and head to Ambrose Manor. Head inside the mansion and on the second level you'll meet with Minnie Ambrose. Accept to aid her, and she will give you the Gorgon Navkey, which allows you to travel to Gorgon Landing Pad

Head back to the Unreliable and travel to Gorgon Landing Pad located at Gorgon. Once you are on the planet head east and head inside the Sprat Shack. Once inside, talk to Lex. Head to the third floor and interact with note in the middle of the room to acquire Lucky's Case Notes. Open the safe on the corner and pick up Preserved Eye.

Head to the Office of Creative Incubation, located near the center of Gorgon Landing Pad. Use the Preserved Eye to open the main door. Head to the upper level and interact with the terminal, you'll be blocked by the mysterios figure.

Head to the Transmission Tower Alfpha and interact with the computer to acquire the Mostly Harmless quest.


The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon Rewards

Unlocks quest: Mostly Harmless

Other Rewards: ??


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    • Wow the so called walk-thru is so flaming short, was it even worth the effort to type that much ???
      I've been running around every-where looking for office to use the eye, and so far " its NOT anywhere near the center of of the landing pad, ...
      Even tho I questioned the sprat bar woman, and she said something about luck going back n forth from oci down the road , well down the road isn;'t near the center of a landing pad !!

      • Anonymous

        It's a shame that this main story quest has at least one game-killing bug, where the safe won't unlock despite having a required code from notes on Lucky's desk.

        • Anonymous

          Quest name is a reference to
          The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin

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