The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths

Murder on Eridanos Side Quest
Previous N/A
Next N/A
Location Purpleberry OrchardsEridanos
Rewards  Bit Cartridge x 1,250

The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds, available with the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Side Quests are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


As part of an Orchards marketing scheme, Rizzo's has hidden an original, discontinued Rizzo's product in the center of the Purpleberry Puzzlehedges.

The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths Objectives

  • Claim the Spectrum Original
  • Search the Heart of the Maze for Clues
  • Search the Conservatory


The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired by talking to and agreeing to help Samuel "The Lawyer" Huttes, who can be found near the beginning of the Puzzlehedge maze at the Purpleberry Orchards. The Puzzlehedges are found to the South side of the orchards.

Samuel informs you about the Rizzo's original product, kept as a prize in the center of the maze and that he has hatched a plan to sue Rizzo's for all they're worth. You are to tackle the maze in his stead and retrieve the Spectrum Original. He tells you of dangers in the maze in the form of landmines and automechs, and warns that there may be others competing for the prize as well. These competitors are Emily "The Entrepreneur" Zimmerman and Salina "The Collector" Navarre. You can find them early on in the maze. Speaking to them will allow you to learn about their individual motivations for trying to win the prize and the allowing for the possibility of working with either of them instead of Samuel.

The maze will take some navigating and fights with lots of enemies to get through. Look up above for a metallic structure nestled in the maze to get a clue on whether or not you're going in the right direction. This structure is the Heart of the Maze and is your goal. Once you reach the Heart, you will find that there is no prize to be found and you instead get alerts from your Discrepancy Amplifier. Search the area for clues. Inspect the bottle of purpleberry seedlings on the ground to complete the objective. You now need to speak with Carter Reynolds, who can be found at the Conservatory, North of the Puzzlehedges. Speak to Carter and retrieve the Spectrum Original. You have several options to convince him to part with it.

Now you need to decide whom you wish to give the bottle to. There are no notable differences between giving the bottle to Samuel, Emily or Salina. You will receive the same amount of experience and cash. Choose anyone you feel like to complete the quest.


The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths Rewards

Unlocks quest: N/A

Other Rewards: Bit Cartridge x 1,250



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