The Secret People

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Location Stellar Bay - Monarch
Rewards 15000xp
625 Bit Cartridge
Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up

The Secret People is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Braxton hasn't been to work in a few days. Velma wonders what he's gotten up to.

The Secret People Objectives

  • Go to Braxton's Apartment
    Braxton hasn't shown up to work in a couple of days, so Velma's pulling extra shifts. She asked you to go to his apartment and send him back to the saltuna fishery.
  • Search the House
    Braxton was making a delivery to a house south of Stellar Bay. Perhaps you can find him or an indication of where he might have gone next.
    Edgar invited you to stay for dinner.
    The people living here say they don't know of anyone named Braxton
    There's a headless corpse in the third-floor room. You can't discern the body's identity at a glance, but it may carry some form of identification.
  • Escape the House
    You found a butchered corpse with an ID for Braxton Hecht in Edgar's house. The people living here are cannibals.
  • Kill the Mather Family (Optional)
    Edgar and his family won't let you leave alive
  • Speak with Velma at the Fishery
    Velma Ballard was Braxton's supervisor. She'll want to know what happened to him.


The Secret People Walkthrough

You will get this quest by talking to Velma Ballard at the warehouse in Stellar Bay, Monarch. She will mention Braxton has been skipping work and is likely using drugs, and ask you to look into it. Accept to begin the quest.

Head to the apartments on the southern portion of Stellar Bay and go to the second floor. You'll meet Laura, and you can ask her about Braxton. She will initially deny any knowledge then say that she's after his stash. She will reveal that he's delivering to a family that has fallen sick in a house in the ruins south of the town. Alternatively you can read an "Out for Deliveries" note to the left of Laura. You'll get 4500xp and an updated objective.

Leave Monarch and head south toward a bridge. You'll have to fight several Raptidon in this area. Eventually you'll come by a house with some nice plants on the front, this is Mather Residence. Head inside, and you'll discover this 3-floor building is inhabited by many. You'll first meet Edgar Mather, who will welcome you in and invite you to join for dinner if you accept his hospitality without mentioning Braxton. Nearby, Levi Mather and Martha Mather can also be talked to. If you mention Braxton, none of them know him. Upstairs, you can meet Lizzie Mather, who will ask you if you have "Rocket Candies". You can lie (1) and she will mention someone else used to bring the candies. Apparently Martha and Edgar got into an argument with Braxton over the deliveries.

You can also read Levi Mather's Poetry Journal in his room for some insight. On the third floor, there's a locked door that can be opened with Mather House Key (pickpocketed or looted from Edgar) or lockpicked. Open this door to find a headless corpse within, which has been dismembered and likely prepared for "dinner". Loot the body to obtain Braxton Hecht's Work ID, Supper Time and obtain 4500xp.

Head downstairs and Edgar will stop you, realizing you are aware of the truth. You can Lie (35) that you'll send more meals his way, resolving the conflict for 4500xp. Alternatively you can intiate combat or be rude to them, and kill them all for 4500xp. Your companions will likely approve of killing them.

You can also unlock the 2F door to exit the house without ever having to talk to Edgar.

Once you're out, you can head back to Velma to report your findings, but while you're here, you are near an objective for BOLT with His Name so check on it first if you haven't done so yet.

Return to Velma and giver her Braxton Hecht's Work ID, you'll get 4500xp for the step and 15000xp for the quest, 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Now that you've completed this quest, you can Persuade (20) Velma to give you the poster for The Grimm Tomorrow.


The Secret People Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 15000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up. Supper Time can be looted from Braxton's body.



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