Vending Machines in The Outer Worlds allow the player to Buy and Sell items. Each Vending Machine type has its own stock and they are located all over the game world. Note that you need 20 Points in the Hack Skill in order to sell to a Vending Machine, and you need 40 Points in order to buy Restricted Items from a Vending Machine.

Vending Machine Locations & Stock


Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine

Item Item Type Cost Vending Machine Location
Adreno Consumable 50 Any
Buncha Nanners Consumable 20 Any
Fish Stix Consumable 20 Any
Tarmac & Cheese Consumable 20 Any
Tartarus Sauce Consumable 20 Any
Frozen Dinner Consumable 20 Any
Fast Ration Pill Consumable 20 Any
Mock Apple Consumable 20 Any
Bred Noodles Consumable 20 Any
Zero Gee Brew Consumable 40 Any
Trip-Teaz Consumable 40 Any
Dehydrated Water Tablets Consumable 40 Any
Plain 'n Pure Water Consumable 40 Any
2-Hour Energy Brew Consumable 40 Any
Skin-Tuf Salve Consumable 100 Any
Thinking Cap-let Consumable 100 Any
Ambidextrine Consumable 100 Any
Ollie Ollie Toifree Consumable 100 Any
Pep Pills Consumable 100 Any
Spacer's Corona Consumable 20 Any
Spacer's Chaw Consumable 20 Any
Nico-Pad Consumable 20 Any
Light Ammo Ammo 2 Any
Heavy Ammo Ammo 6 Any
Energy Cell Ammo 10 Any
Tossball Stick 2-H Melee Weapon 100  
Sawed-Off Shotgun Long Gun 200  
Light Machine Gun Heavy Weapon 260  
Telescoping Staff 2-H Melee Weapon 120  
Tossball Blocker 1-H Melee Weapon 90  
Ordinance Control Armor Armor 350  
Riot Control Armor Armor 200  
Advanced Defensive Helmet Helmet 170  
Standard Troop Helmet Helmet 110  
Standard Troop Armor Armor 300  
Hunter Kit Armor Mod 400  
Mr. Ouch Melee Weapon Mod 1000  
Mag-Pick Restricted 16  
Bypass Shunt Restricted 12  

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