Who Goes There?

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Previous Passage to Anywhere
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Location Groundbreaker
Rewards 14000xp
1000 Bit Cartridge
2x Ollie Ollie Toxifree
Groundbreaker Reputation Up

Who Goes There? is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


The Groundbreaker's Mardets have a bounty for a criminal on the run in the groundbreaker's Back Bays. You've agreed to hunt down the unlawfun Captain Gunnar MacRedd. Return his lighter to Cmdt. Sanita to claim the bounty.

Who Goes There? Objectives

  • Hunt Down and Kill Captain McRedd
    Based on the bounty listing, Captain McRedd was last sighted in the Back Bays. Head there and take him out.
    You negotiated with McRedd and got his lighter without killing him.
  • Claim the Bounty's Reward from Comdt. Sanita
    McRedd gave you his lucky lighter to give to Sanita. Go turn it in to resolve his bounty.


Who Goes There? Walkthrough

This quest is obtained at Groundbreaker, by speaking to Comdt. Sanita or perusing the bounty board. Completing this quest can grant you access to security restricted areas, such as needed for The Empty Man, however you can kill a guard or loot Mardet ID Cartridge from a container near the docks where your ship is located instead.

You can find Captain MacRedd in the Back Bays area of the Groundbreaker. To get there head down the elevator in the promenade, and you can't miss him. You can pass a Persuade (40) check to get him to put his gun down, otherwise you'll have to kill him and all his guards. If you kill him he drops the Unique Weapon: Montag.

You'll get 6000xp and MacRedd's Lighter. If you persuaded him, use Perception to note it says "Sanita" on the lighter. MacRedd also makes note of a previous fling that he had with Comdt. Sanita.

Return to Cmdt. Sanita to get your reward. You'll get 14000xp, Ollie Ollie Toxifree x2 and 1000x Bit Cartridge, as well as increased Groundbreaker Reputation.


Who Goes There? Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??



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    • Also what I've noticed with this quest if you have felix with you, those two will have a friendly chat upon entering down there, been awhiile since I did this with Felix on tow but I think I still killed mc reid fella after getting the engineer to go back up, and grabbing the engineer part,

      • Anonymous

        I didn't kill him but talked him into giving me the lighter to get the reward. Can this have negative effects in the future? Will the Groundbreaker crew realize I lied to them?

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