Your Primal Heart

Your Primal Heart Faction Quest
Previous N/A
Next N/A
Location Wilderness Exploitation Reserve, Eridanos
Rewards The Pen
Bit Cartridge x 1,500

Your Primal Heart is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds, available with the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.


You encountered an old man, Cyrus Wahlgren, and his domesticated primal, Cal. The duo have been badgered by a group of Rizzo's hunters trying to steal their land grant to the Reserve. Cyrus wants you to stop the hunters' pestering by any means necessary.

Your Primal Heart Objectives

  • Get Rid of the Hunters
  • Return to the Old Man


Your Primal Heart Walkthrough

This quest is acquired by speaking to Cyrus Wahlgren at the walled-in cabin in the Northwest of the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve on Eridanos.

He tasks you with getting rid of some hunters who are trying to steal his land grant. Head directly south of Cyrus' cabin where you will find the hunters' camp. Speak with Victoria Foxworth who will try to convince you to help her steal Cyrus' land grant instead. You can choose to help either Cyrus or Victoria from here.

Choosing to help Cyrus pits you against the hunters. After killing them, return to Cyrus to receive your reward, a Unique Weapon called The Pen.

Choosing to help Victoria, you can persuade Cyrus to hand over the land grant or kill him and his companion Cal. Return to Victoria to complete the quest. This path has no noteworthy rewards.


Your Primal Heart Rewards

Unlocks quest: N/A

Other Rewards: The Pen, Bit Cartridge x 1,500


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    • Best course of action is to side with Cyrus, kill Victoria, get THE PEN and then, after quest is complete, kill Caliban and him. You'll get a nice souvenir at your captain's quarters!

      • Anonymous

        This quest can also be picked up by speaking to Victoria Foxworth in the Abandoned Rizzo's Bunker during the quest The Productivity Queen (Victoria is one of the students).

        • Anonymous

          Note, you only need to kill the named NPC (Victoria) if you want to side with Cyrus, so set your companions to passive and run away after taking your shot until you can fast travel back to Cyrus. This means you'll only get a 5% negative reputation penalty with Rizzos instead of 24% if you kill all the hunters. Be sure to wait 72 hours until you encounter the hunters again or they'll still be hostile (but there's no real reason you need to go back to their camp anyway).

          • Anonymous

            FYI, the only way to get the unique weapon "The Pen" is to side with the old man instead of making him give up the deed to the Hunters. Could not find a peaceful resolution to this quest sadly outside of siding with Rizzo and giving up on the weapon (for collection's sake I can't do that). You lose a TON of the new Rizzo's rep when you kill all the hunters. HOWEVER, there is a way to minimize the death toll, rep loss, and still get the unique weapon. It will however require 150 Virtuoso level in sneak. Essentially just stealth kill only the main NPC Victoria Foxworth. Completes the task of "kill the hunters" without needing to kill the other Rizzo guards and lose a ton more rep (35% negative rep otherwise compared to only 6% this way).

            Also FYI choosing the intimidate skill check dialogue with Victoria in conversation doesn't change the outcome either, they will still attack you. The only way the don't attack you when you talk to her is if you chose the option to side with her. Otherwise just don't bother talking to her at all if you want to do the sneak attack method as it's pointless.

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