Skills in The Outer Worlds are used by the player to determine the outcome of combat or certain events within the game. Skills are grouped into a Core Skill which includes a set of specialized skills. There are 7 core skills in the game and 18 specialized skills which can be unlocked and upgraded to acquire both passive and active bonuses for your character. This page contains a full list of all the skills in the game.


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How do Skills work?

At the beginning of the game, during Character Creation, players are given 2 Skill Points that they can add to their desired Skill. Choosing the right Attribute and modifying its value also helps increase the rank of the skills that are affected in the chosen attribute. For example, increasing the value of the Strength attribute increases the effectiveness of certain specialized skills such as 1-Handed Melee, 2-Handed Melee, and more.


Skill Improvements

Every time you level up, you earn skill points to spend on improving your skills. At first, spending a skill point on a Core Skill (e.g. Melee) improves all of the Specialized skills in that group up to Rank 50. Once you've reached Rank 50, players will have the freedom to directly add the skill points to the Specialized Skill (e.g. 1-Handed Melee) up to Rank 100 (Base Game) / 150 (Only available whit Peril on Gorgon DLC). Each specialized skill has a bonus that can be acquired for every 20 points. On the other hand, equipping Armor or using Consumables can temporarily raise or lower the percentage value of your skills passive bonuses.




The Outer Worlds Skills



Melee Skills improve Critical Hit Chance with handheld weapons.

Specialized Skills:

1-Handed Melee | 2-Handed Melee



Ranged skills improve your Weapon Sway and Critical Hit Chance with ranged weapons.

Specialized Skills:

Handguns | Long Guns | Heavy Weapons



Defense skills improve your ability to avoid damage.

Specialized Skills:

Dodge | Block



Dialog skills improve your ability to talk with NPCs, both in and out of combat.

Specialized Skills:

Persuade | Lie | Intimidate



Stealth skills improve your ability to get through and around security

Specialized Skills:

Sneak | Hack | Lockpick



Tech skills improve your knowledge of bodies, tools, and the universe.

Specialized Skills:

Medical | Science | Engineering



Leadership skills improve companion health and their abilities in combat.

Specialized Skills:

Inspiration | Determination


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