The Outer Worlds Maps will provide Locations for things players are having a hard time finding. Maps will show anything from Quests to important Items, and players can use them to find what they are looking for. Below are The Outer Worlds Maps.


The Outer Worlds Maps

Main Locations










Devil's Peak Station - 1st Floor



Devil's Peak Station - 2nd Floor



Devil's Peak Station - 3rd Floor




Minister Clarke's Residence - 2nd Floor



Dr. Chartrand's Home - 1st Floor



Dr. Chartrand's Home - 2nd Floor




The Pit - 1st Floor



The Pit - 2nd Floor



The Pit - 3rd Floor











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    • Anonymous

      I've been using websites like this since the first total war games. This one is very well done, and user-friendly.

      • Anonymous

        Amazing job. Thanks for bringing this material together in one locale. Much appreciated! Btw - Small omission. There is a raptor den just south of Aunties Lab in Roseway Gardens. Cheers

        • Anonymous

          I mean, more than likely, they are just going to add DLC to add in more planets or parts or worlds, that would be a good idea marketing wise.

          • Anonymous

            These are missing a lot of places of interest...seems like the maker doesn't totally clear the map, just goes on the paths...

            • Anonymous

              On the Emerald Vale map, there is a missing point of interest: “Lone Grave”, East of Old Wreckage and south of Edgewater Cemetary, near the coast, southwest of the plane wreckage on the beach.

              • Anonymous

                why theres world we can go i get cant access gas giants but at least have a ship in orbit or something and as fars as tycoon the ice planet couldnt go there either game was to short i love it but want more

                • Anonymous

                  After such a long time waiting, I didn't expect 4 maps totaling less than half the area Fallout does....................

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