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The Unreliable is the ship of Captain Hawthorne. Players will eventually take it to space and use it to explore the system, and as a base of operations for you and your companions.

Unreliable is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. The Unreliable is the ship of Captain Hawthorne. Players will eventually take it to space and use it to explore the system, and as a base of operations for you and your companions.. Locations are defined by their individual and varied biomes spread around the Halcyon System. Planets and other celestial figures house the inhabitable regions in The Outer Worlds. Unreliable has the following services:

Important Notes

Decorations on the Unreliable

The Unreliable will fill up with Collectibles that you loot in the landscape or are sent to you by several Factions and NPCs for completing their quests. These Collectibles are marked as Quest Items and can be placed on the Unreliable as decorative items. Here is a complete list of all decorations, you can click them to find more information on how to find them: 

  • Snakeskin (Found in a locked house just outside Roseway)
  • Nyoka Monarch Sign
  • Nyoka Wooly Rug
  • Medical Journals (On a counter in the lab where you find Jameson in Roseway)
  • OSI Prayer Beads
  • Petey (Found in Groundbreaker Back Bays in the downstars area on a table)
  • OSI Pyramid
  • Seedling
  • Hoop
  • Trauma Kit (Recruit Ellie)
  • Bullet-Riddled Leather Jacket (Reruit Ellie)
  • Mysterious Bottle of Hooch (Recruit Ellie)
  • Felix's Journal (Recruit Felix)
  • Disident Hunter: Special Edition (Recruit Felix)
  • In Praise of Arson (Recruit Felix)
  • Tossball Poster (Recruit Felix)
  • Tossball Stick (Recruit Felix)
  • Encased Trip-Blade (Recruit Nyoka)
  • A Raptidon Named Frieda (Recruit Nyoka)
  • Abigail (Recruit Parvati)
  • Banged-Up Toolbox (Recrui Parvati)
  • The Modern Steel Wrench and You (Recruit Parvati)
  • Petunia the Plant (Recruit Parvati)
  • Doctrinal Studies 539 - "Of Equity and Equations" (Recuit Vicar Max)
  • The Journal of Maximillian DeSoto: Volume 1 (Recruit Vicar Max)
  • Index of Banned Literature (Recruit Vicar Max)
  • History of Heresy: The Roots of Philosihism (Recruit Vicar Max?)
  • The Art and Science of Tossball (Recruit Vicar Max)
  • Spacer's Choice Sign (Recruit Parvati)
  • SAM's S.U.D.S Steeper (Recruit SAM)
  • Bag of Moldy Sweetheart Cakes (Recruit SAM)
  • Faded Air Freshener (Recruit SAM)
  • Colorful Lights (Found near CircusTime Freighter on Scylla)
  • Dissident Hunter Comic
  • Monarch Purple Flora (Complete large portion of quests on Monarch)
  • Edgewater Sign (Give Power to Edgewater)
  • Puffball Plant (Give Power to Botanical Lab)
  • Groundbreaker Floorboard (Complete every Groundbreaker Quest, except Balance Due & The Distress Signal)
  • Secret Lab Sign (Complete either The Distress Signal OR the Roseway Scientists' Quests)
  • Bar Cart (Complete: The Silent Voices)
  • C&P Boarstwurst Sign (Complete either Slughterhouse Clive OR Cysti-Dance with Death. With Clive's "Special" Boarst if you Kill Catherine)
  • Framed Insurance Check (Complete Ellie's Quest Low Crusade)
  • Harlow's Emplem (Complete Felix's Quest Friendship's Due)
  • Mounted Mantiqueen Head (Meet the Information Broker)
  • Framed Photograph of Nyoka's Crew (Complete Nyoka's Quest Star-Crossed Troopers)
  • Framed Photo of Parvati and Junlei (Complete Parvati's Quest)
  • Insence Vessel (Complete Vicar Max's Quest The Empty Man)
  • Obsidian Skull (Kill Reed Tobson or Adelaide McDevvit)
  • Graham's Patch (Help Zora kill Graham after Sucker Bait)
  • Iconoclast Banners (Side with Iconocalsts or broker peace during Canid's Cradle)
  • MSI Crown Lanterns (Side with MSI or broker peace during Canid's Cradle)
  • Systems and Serfdoms
  • Kick Me Sign
  • Welcome to SubLight Letter
  • SubLight Salvage Poster
  • Golden Pteroray Mantlepiece
  • Anubis (Peril on Gorgon DLC only)
  • The Exhilerating Adventures of Archibald Excelsior, Ace Exterminator, and the Plague of Manti-Men! Issue #1 - 4 + Archibald Excelsior Poster - Complete A Dialog Between Dead Men (Peril On Gorgon DLC only)
  • An Appreciation of Even-Toed Ungulates, bu Dhalia Hudson - Complete Rendezvous at Llama (Peril on Gorgon DLC only)
  • Purpleberry Puzzlehedges Completion Certificate (Murder on Eridanos DLC only)



Map of Unreliable

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Quests in Unreliable



NPCs in Unreliable



Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot in Unreliable

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    • Anonymous

      In Peril on Gorgon, there are a variety of ship decorations. You'll get a book for completing the "Llama" quest, Archibald Excelsior Comics will be throughout the Unreliable one you acquire the PET, as well as a poster above your bed, and the best of all, during the quest "Mostly Harmless" and you go to Byzantium, you can speak to a person whose having trouble with their baby canid, Anubis. I don't know if you have to pass the speech check, because I gave him some gourmet saltuna in my inventory, and Anubis will actually stay in your room like a pet!!!

      • Anonymous

        There are blue plants above the captain's bed that appeared when on Monarch. I haven't progressed past monarch but I was wondering what triggered them to appear? I also can't examine them like most other decorations.

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