Reputation in The Outer Worlds not only affects the player's standing with the game's various Factions, but can also impact the Ending. On this page we will list all the various ways that Reputation in The Outer Worlds can impact the game, and provide information on how to improve it with each Faction.

Faction Reputation Bonus

In order to gain positive reputation with the, Factions you will need to finish Quests. It's also imporant to notice that the choices you make during Quests affects the reputation gain. You can see each Faction individual page to learn more about them.

Negative reputation is acquired by three different ways. One is by killing members of that faction. The second is by performing a crime and being caught (if you are not seen while doing the crime you won't get negative reputation). The last one is by performing Quests that lower the reputation with that Faction.

Faction Reputation is heavily affected by Charm, so depending on how much you spent on it, you will have more or less space to maneuver.

Reputation also affects what items you can buy from that particular Factions Vending Machines (You can bypass this if you have a Hack skill of 40 or more).

All Factions share the same positive and negative effects regarding reputation and are shown on the following table:

Status Positive Reputation Negative Reputation Effects
Neutral 0% - 29% 0% - 29% None
Nervous +80% +80% None
Agreeable 30% - 49% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant +80% 50% - 79% Vendor prices -5%
Confused 50% - 79% 30% - 49% Vendor prices -5%
Friendly 50% - 79% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -15%
Understanding +80% 30% - 49% Vendor prices -15%
Revering +80% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -25%
Agitated 50% - 79% +80% Vendor prices +10%
Bitter 30% - 49% 50% - 79% Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed 0% - 29% +80% Vendor prices +50% - They will attack on sight.

Reputation related quests


Spacer's Choice


Auntie Cleo


Sublight Salvage & Shipping

Monarch Stellar Industries

The Board


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