Pay for the Printer

Previous The Commuter
Next Sucker Bait
Location Amber Heights - Monarch
Rewards 15000 xp
2900 Bit Cartridge
Iconoclast Apostle Armor
Iconoclasts Reputation Up

Pay for the Printer is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.

Note: It is important to pick up the Sucker Bait quest from Zora as soon as you finish Pay for the Printer. Follow her back to the medical building to talk to her there. If you miss Sucker Bait, it will prevent you from getting the best outcome in Canid's Cradle. You can only get the Sucker Bait quest if you picked extra supplies for Zora during The Commuter

Before Graham can spread his message to the rest of the colony, he needs control of an old printing press in the ruins of Stellar Bay. Travel there with the replacement parts you recently obtained and get it back in working order.

Pay for the Printer Objectives

  • Repair the Printing Press.
    Enter Terra One Publications and repair the printing press there.
  • (Optional) Retrieve Zora's Team.
    The survivors from Zora's team refuse to leave unless they can get their wounded comrades back on their feet. To do that, they need to retrieve a trauma kit from their fallen medic.
    Return to May and August Van Noy with the Trauma Kit.
  • Return to Graham.
    The printing press is operational. Return to Graham with an update.


Pay for the Printer Walkthrough

This quest is obtained after turning in The Commuter, by talking to Graham about next steps. Graham wants to continue preaching. A discussion between Zora and Graham will reveal that Graham committed their best unit to the printing mission rather than putting them on the ruins, where they are apparently needed. 

You can now set off toward the northwest to find the Terra One Publications. It's most easily accessed from Stellar Bay's Southwest exit. You'll come to a battle between Canids, Marauders and August & May Van Noy. Defeat the enemies and talk to the Van Noys. Before you can escort Zora's team to safety, you'll be informed they have lost track of their medic.

Approach the facility, and a group of  Raptidons will attack you. Defeat them and take the right path up a hill to go toward the medic. There are two Raptidon Colossi defending the medic's corpse, so prepare for battle. After defeating them, go into the residence and loot the medic to obtain the Unique Weapons: Euthanasia Kit, as well as the Iconoclast Trauma Kit quest item. The Iconoclast Armor and Helmet she is carrying can also be used for the Task: Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel.

Return to May Van Noy and tell her of the fate of her medic. You'll get 7500 xp and they will head home to Amber Heights.

You can now go into the printing building. There are several Raptidon enemies that you'll want to defeat, and a resignation note from Caden Shuster that highlights the many dangers of frontier work. Behind the notice, a locked office contains a terminal with some corporate requests and a high level lockbox that requires 60 to unlock.

Head through the last door on the 1st floor, past a Raptidon Colossus, and up to the 2nd Floor. Access the door with the room overlooking the press and use the terminal to activate the rollers. The quest will update and you'll earn 7500 xp.

Head back to Amber Heights and go to the second floor to talk to Graham, who is in a heated dispute with Zora. If you helped the Van Noys you'll get 7500 xp and Iconoclasts Reputation. Helping the Van Noys (in addition to choosing the food and medicine in The Commuter) is also necessary if you want to negotiate an alliance between MSI and the Iconoclasts later. 

Completing the quest gives 15000 xp and Iconoclast Reputation as well as Iconoclast Apostle Armor and 2900 Bit Cartridge.

Follow Zora to the medical building and talk to her. She will reveal that she thinks the Amber Heights Massacre was engineered by someone who gave the pirates access to the gate codes. This unlocks the quest Sucker Bait, which should be completed before advancing the main story; Otherwise, you may lose the option of getting Stellar Bay and The Iconoclasts to join forces.


Pay for the Printer Rewards

Unlocks quest: Sucker Bait

Other Rewards: 15000 xp and Iconoclast Reputation as well as Iconoclast Apostle Armor and 2900 Bit Cartridge.


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    • Anonymous

      Yeah. If you don't get that Sucker Bait Quest / help those soldiers you'll be stuck and you wont be able to finish the quest chain.

      - I checked the woman after, the men. Took all the dialogue runs but it's pretty much a dead end from there on.

      • Anonymous

        Is there anyway to stop Sanjar from cutting food supllies to iconoclast and come to a neutral terms with iconoclast? I plan getting the printer but help Zora in the end. Any advice?

        • Anonymous

          WARNING!!!! IMMEDIATELY after completing this quest speak to Zora to get the Sucker Bait quest. If you do not do it now you'll lose the option of getting Stellar Bay & the Iconoclasts to join forces. Learn from my mistakes...

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