Factions in The Outer Worlds represent different groups of individuals with aligned interests. It is not currently known how many Factions there are in The Outer Worlds, but players can gain Reputation within each Faction, which is theorized to unlock different equipment or bonuses, as well as affect the Ending in some manner. Below are a list of the Factions in The Outer Worlds:


The Outer Worlds Factions


Players can obtain Reputation with several factions, and complete associated Quests and tasks and obtain associated rewards and unlocks. Some Companions are partial to specific factions, and will lobby the player to perform specific missions or toward a specific outcome.

Players can convince Companions to see things their way, however it is unknown if Faction Reputation precludes players from obtaining rewards in other faction, or if it turns any NPCs hostile.

Factions may have strongholds in specific Locations, where NPCs are employed by those specific corporations or suffering from the effects of their power struggle.


Non-Corporate Factions



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