The Outer Worlds FAQ covers all the things you would want to know about the game before purchasing. These are things like: Is there romance? Can you play in third person? How many Endings are there? Etc.

If you cannot find the question you are looking for here, please feel free to add it to the list should you find it elsewhere so that other players may get their questions answered.


The Outer Worlds FAQ

What Platforms Will The Outer Worlds Be Releasing On?

PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Epic store only - no Steam release announced)

What Is The Release Date for The Outer Worlds?

The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2019, with a Nintendo Switch version to be released later

The Outer Worlds Looks An Awful Lot Like Fallout In Space. How Is It Different?

Players will have a spaceship called the Unreliable and are be able to travel between worlds, much like Mass Effect. Combat systems are relatively similar to Fallout games, but V.A.T.S. has been replaced by Tactical Time Dilation, which is a slowed real-time feature much like Red Dead Redemption has.

Will There Be Companions In The Game?

Yes. There are 6 Companions in the game, of which the player can take 2 with him/her when questing and exploring.


Can Companions Be Romanced?

Unfortunately, you cannot romance your Companions in The Outer Worlds.

I'm Not A Fan of First Person Games. Can I Play In Third Person Like Fallout?

No. You cannot play in Third Person and the game will be played from the First Person perspective.

How Many Endings Does The Outer Worlds Have?

Endings change depending on your actions, your influence on Companions, and key Main Quests decisions. There are many endings, you can see them on their page.

Will There Be A Beta For The Outer Worlds?

There was no beta for the game


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