The Outer Worlds Companions Guide to all party members for Outer Worlds. Players can have two Companions at once, and they have their own Perks and alignments. Whereas players can recruit party members to crew their Starship (The Unreliable) – Companions come with you and interject in their adventures with their own views, objectives, and missions. There are a total of six companions. 

Companions in Outer Worlds: Quick Notes

  • Romance is not an option for companions, as developers felt it could limit player choice
  • Companions may be customized and players can pick Perks for them on level up screen
  • Players can bring two companions at a time, and inventory is shared among all while out in the field.
  • Companions have their own Perks, Skills and a Special Ability.
  • Companions level up at the same rate as the player character.
  • Companions have their own missions, quests, and objectives and will ask for help to fulfill them.
  • Companions have an approval rating and will leave the field if they are against your actions. They will not abandon your party unless you make that choice.
  • All of the companions can be recruited, but some have allegiances to specific Factions and are thus less likely to join you in the field if you are doing something against their interests.
  • Your actions and attitude may change your companions, leading to different endings.
  • Companions can also have Flaws, see Flaws for more information.

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The Outer Worlds Companions Guide: Where to find all Companions, personal quests, equipment and endings

ellie npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px

Ellie is a medic that can be recruited at the Groundbreaker as part of the quest Worst Contact. Her personal quest is available in Byzantium and called The Low Crusade.

felix npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px

Felix is a melee fighter that can be recruited in the Groundbreaker. There's no special recruitment quest, just find him by the docks. His personal quest takes you to Scylla and is called Friendship's Due.

parvati npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px

Parvati is an engineer recruited in Edgewater during the quest Stranger in a Strange Land. Her personal quests will have you going around the whole system, starting with Drinking Sapphire Wine.


vicar max npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px
Vicar Max

Vicar Max is a talented hacker recruited in Edgewater after completing the quest The Illustrated Manual. His personal quest will take you to several planets, and it's called The Empty Man.

sam 1 npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px

SAM is a modified cleaning automechanic that is already aboard the Unreliable. Interact with it on the 2nd Floor to begin the quest The Cleaning Machine so it may join your crew.

nyoka npc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px

Nyoka is a heavy weapon expert and a drunkard recruited in Stellar Bay by completing the quest Passion Pills. Nyoka's personal quest will have you travel to Scylla and back, and it's called Star-Crossed Troopers.

Companion Skill Table

Companions in The Outer Worlds add one quarter of their adjusted Skill values to yours (rounded down). Additionally, if you have 60 Skill Point into Inspiration this number will be doubled to half their adjusted skill value. If you bring two companions that share the same Skills you will gain boosts from both of them, allowing you to get some Skills very very high.

Name Max Level Skill Value 1 Max Level Skill Value 2 Max Level Skill Value 3
Parvati Persuade 74 Lockpick 84 Engineering 88
Felix Persuade 81 Lockpick 80 Sneak 77
Vicar Max Intimidate 77 Hack 81 Science 81
SAM Intimidate 89 Hack 80 Science 80
Nyoka Lie 74 Medical 77 Sneak 86
Ellie Lie 74 Medical 84 Engineering 77



Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds are the Quests that help your recruit or further Companion plots. Companion Quests are optional, and don't need to be completed in order to finish The Outer Worlds. Below is a list of Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds.

  • Taking on, progressing and making choices during these quests will affect the Endings for your companions

Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds



Companion Endings



Your influence shifted Ellie's perspective. She finally admitted - albeit grudgingly - that she just might need other people. Sometimes.
With a steady income from the life insurance payouts, she was finally able to afford a ship of her own. She hired a small crew and flew supply missions to communities on the fringe.

Some of them were even legal.

Complete The Lone Crusade Favorably to Ellie

Skip the Hope to Terra 2


Life in Halcyon was sobering for Felix Millstone. The grand revolution he'd dreamed of never came. There was no great awakening for the colony, no celebrations in the streets. There was only the hard, desperate work of trying to repair a broken colony.

Felix never had a head for numbers, but if there was labor to be done, he was there to help. Eventually, Felix realized that the work of a revolution was done with two hands.

Complete Friendship's Due

Skip the Hope to Terra 2

As the Board reasserted control over Halcyon, Felix came to realize that his life as an upstart rebel had come to an end. The Board's victory crushed any hope for a grand revolution across Halcyon, and so Felix once again found himself without a purpose in life.

And so, disillusioned with his former boss and with nowhere left to go, Felix left his crew without saying goodbye. He was never heard from again.

Skip the Hope to Tartarus
Vicar Max

As much as he enjoyed his adventures aboard the Unreliable, the Vicar known as Max eventually decided that it was to move on, to live out the life he had sought so long to create.

He knew there were many in the colony who carried burdens much worse than the ones he had struggled with, and he devoted himself to easing their suffering wherever he could. He only ever took up arms again to defend the defenseless. 

Unshackled from a lifetime of striving and fighting the universe and himself, Vicar Maximillian DeSoto was finally at peace.

Complete The Empty Man

Skip The Hope to Terra 2

As a reward for his part in her courageous rescue, the Adjutant invited the Vicar known as Max to become one of the leaders of the Order of Scientific Inquiry.

Max eventually rose to the top, becoming the Presiding Bishop of the 051. He denounced his spiritual meanderings as a misguided attempt to come to terms with his long-dead parents. His only regret was that they had not lived long enough to see that he was right all along.

Skip The Hope to Tartarus

Once the matter with the Hope colonists was resolved, Junlei bashfully asked Parvati if she'd like to join her permanently on the Groundbreaker, and Parvati enthusiastically - if somewhat awkwardly - agreed.

The stories of her adventures spread across the colony, and Parvati soon found herself the center of attention. Having served as the engineer of a renowned spacecraft, tramp freighters and wildcat miners sought her out by name, and in no time, she was a fixture in the Groundbreaker's mechanical ecosystem. She and Junlei were never far apart.

Complete Don't Bite the Sun

Skip the Hope to Terra 2

Once the matter with the Hope colonists was resolved, Junlei bashfully asked Parvati if she'd like to join her permanently on the Groundbreaker, and Parvati enthusiastically - if somewhat awkwardly - agreed.

As the Board began to roll out their Lifetime Employment Program, Parvati was increasingly plagued by dreams of freezing to death, and rarely left their shared quarters. Stymied by dwindling resources, Junlei struggled to keep the Groundbreaker afloat. Their relationship couldn't survive the strain. Parvati moved into crew quarters and found work servicing water pumps in hydroponics.

Complete Don't Bite the Sun

Skip the Hope to Tartarus


Nyoka returned to Monarch to take another crack at making a permanent life for herself. She formed the Charon Group, a mercenary outfit of ragtag survivalists and wilderness experts. Anyone in need of a guide - or just looking to throw back a beer and swap stories - could find her camping on the trail or clearing an infestation.

Complete Star-Crossed Troopers

Skip The Hope to Terra 2


The SAM unit that accompanied you spread awareness of the product line's superior sanitation and maintenance capabilities across what was left of the colony. This led to a boost in SAM unit sales.

"Did you know that SAM units are the longest lasting, toughest acting cleaning solution in Halcyon?"


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      The no romance options explanation is as dumb here as it was when I heard it from the devs own mouths, but I like the characters. My biggest issue is Parvarti is dead as a door nail in my playthrough because
      Supernova is such a fun and rewarding experience.

      Mauled and probably eaten but Primals, if you’re wondering…

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          It's worth noting that companion Skill values are adjusted by selected Perks and the given attributes of their armor. They're NOT adjusted by modifications applied to armor at the Workbench.

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            So, they took everything they learned about what players want and threw it way. Two dimensional , romance-less puppets. Great job. Glad I got this on sale. Very disappointed.

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              Does equiping a armor with a skill bonus do anything, or is it as usual where the developer didnt develope that portion of the game and i just equip max armor like in skyrim

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                I thought there was a hint in the game when you find "SAM", that there was an upgrade for a flame thrower attachment. Yes/No?

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                  To be honest I really enjoyed the companions, I do find myself struggling to choose between them. I usually go with Max and Felix/Ellie/Nyoka depending what the quest I'm doing is. I'll be honest though, the stealth mechanic with them drives me insane so I always find myself doing stealth missions without them which sucks because I miss out on dialogue and I'm forced to usually miss some side stuff i.e. like a locked chest because I don't have Max and his hack bonus. If theres ever a second game (please let there be a second one) I really hope they fix the companion stealth mechanic because they always get noticed or walk right in front of the enemy. P.s. Yes I know you can tell them to stay somewhere but for some reason they just randomly stop and begin to chase towards me leading to them alerting every single enemy in a square mile.

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                    There's only six? Wow I thought with Obsidian I expected more with you have to choose which companion you should recruit because you have limited amount of cabin on your ship.

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                      not very much character development for the characters. you basically get them handed to you for nothing. they are placed right in front of you. and you do 1 thing for them and bam.. best pals.

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