Character Creation in The Outer Worlds occurs at the beginning of the game. Players will be able to change a variety of things about their character, though they will rarely be able to see him/her, as there is no third-person option. The player character is also silent, but NPC dialogue is fully acted in English.

Character Creation

    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2019 22:43  

      I don't even use third person for combat, I do it to look at how nice my player character looks in the outfit I stuff them in, this is really the only thing I'm bummed about in regards to this game and I hope they decide to add it in

      • Anonymous

        04 Aug 2019 03:43  

        Lol so there character creation but you cant see your character (that's stupid) and there's no voice for your character? That's stupid what is this 2004? Stupid and lazy if you ask me I'll pass. This game is not gonna do well.

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