The Outer Worlds Weapons contain many different types, including: Bullet Weapons, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Science Weapons. Bullet Weapons have light and heavy ammo. Energy Weapons have special effects and are charged rather than reloaded. Melee Weapons have a short-range but powerful, effect and no need for any kind of ammo or charge. Science Weapons, not much is known about them yet, but there is a “Shrink Ray”.


Weapon Management

Players can equip up to 4 weapons equipped at a time, by navigating to the weapon, then selecting the weapon slot at the top of the screen. On the Weapons Ledger, you can also inspect, compare them, flag them as junk, or break them down for parts. Players with the Engineering skill can repair weapons on the weapons ledger as well.


Weapon Conditions

Overtime, weapons degrade with excessive use and can break and will have minimum effectiveness once the condition reaches zero. Players can find a Workbench and repair it, or you can do it if you have the Engineering skill. Or have a vendor do it.

Weapons all have their own individual level which determines how much damage they deal.  Using the Tinkering option at the workbench, you can increase the level of a weapon.

Throughout the game, you'll find weapons that have a suffix attached to it at the end designated by the weapon's manufacturer: Spacer's Choice - mk 2, Hammersmith - II, T&L - Ultra, and Joch - 2.0.  These weapons are not actually more powerful than their non-suffixed predecessors.  The reason that their damage looks to be higher is due to their level (they also drop at a higher level); a level 20 non-suffixed weapon deals the same amount of damage as a level 20 suffixed weapon.  It should be noted that tinkering costs increase based on the subsequent number of upgrades already purchased.  A weapon that drops at level 2 and is upgraded by 18 levels will cost the player exponentially more than instead, finding a weapon at level 18 and upgrading it by 2 levels.


The Outer Worlds Weapons


Unique Weapons in The Outer Worlds have unique names and special properties. On this page you will not only find where each Unique Weapon is located, but also what makes them unique.



Unique Weapons


Weapon Type


Special Effect


Handgun Extend-O-Sight Knockback Sold by Stefan Garcia in Botanical Lab on Terra-2.
Blad on Stik
2-Handed Melee None Bleed Dropped by Doc Maybell during the Fistful of Digits quest in Emerald Vale on Terra-2.
1-Handed Melee Mr. Zap Knockdown Sold by Julius Moreau at Emerald Vale General Store inside Edgewater.
Ol' Reliable
Heavy Weapon None Stagger Primal Nest in Emerald Vale.
1-Handed Melee SpeedGrip
Mr. Ouch
Stun Complete Die, Robot in the Emerald Vale.
Heavy Weapon Mag-2-Power Stun Kill or Pickpocket Captain Macredd in Back Bays aboard the Groundbreaker.
1-Handed Melee SpeedGrip Bleed Found on the body of Frey at relay GB-23.
2-Handed Melee Mr. Zap None Found on a table in the middle of the room in Covert Lab in Roseway Gardens on Terra-2.
Anarchist's Cookbook
Heavy Weapon Mag-2-Power Knockback Reward for the quest Journey Into Smoke in Roseway Gardens on Terra-2.
Salvager's Helper
Handgun Mag-2-Melt Bleed Sold by Gladys aboard the Groundbreaker for 3829 bits.
Euthanasia Kit
Long Guns None Knockdown Looted from a dead Iconoclast medic at Terra One Publications on Monarch (Pay for the Printer quest).
Pink Slip
Long Guns Exacto-O-Sight Execute Sold by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2.
The Exterminator
Handgun None Knockback Sold by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2.
Ionized Paper Knife
1-Handed Melee SpeedGrip Burn Found in Maintenance Tunnels in Byzantium on Terra-2 during the quest Cupid of the Laboratory.
2-Handed Melee N/A Bleed Sold by Percival Platt in Byzantium on Terra-2 for 7,410 bits.
Pauper Popper
Long Guns N/A Burn Sold by Percival Platt in Byzantium on Terra-2 for 6,080 bits.
The Hammer of Olympus
2-Handed Melee Mr. Zap Shock Found at Sundered Rock on Monarch, northeast of Devil's Peak Summit.
Soft Speaker
2-Handed Melee   Knockdown Obtained by completing the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by making peace between Sanjar and Graham.
Anti-Manti Ray
Long Guns Mag-2-Melt Stagger Looted from Mantisaur Lair on Monarch.
The Candy Cane
2-Handed Melee Mr. N Burn Looted from Herbert at Cascadia Bridge Safehouse on Monarch.
Handguns None Corrosion Obtained from Orson Shaw in Roseway on Terra-2 if you completed the quest Vulcan's Hammer favorably, after some time has passed.
Purpleberry Launch
Heavy Weapon Mag-2-Ray Burn Found in locked door inside Cascadia on Monarch. It's up a ladder.
Irion's Flintlock
Handguns N/A Stagger Obtained from Captain Irion on Scylla during the quest Solution Vital.
Supper Time
1-Handed Melee None Bleed Looted from Braxton's body during the quest The Secret People in Stellar Bay on Monarch.
Clive's Cleaver
1-Handed Melee N/A Bleed Can be acquired from Clive Lumbergh by completing the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death on Monarch.
Sublight Plasma Knife
1-Handed Melee

Grip, Attack

Burn Sold by Lyanna Reed in Fallbrook on Monarch.
Long Guns Mag-2-Zap Stagger Steal it from the C3 Barracks (Near Devil Peak Summit) on Monarch.
Handguns -- Burn Rewarded for completing the quest Vulcan's Hammer in Roseway on Terra-2.
Phin's Phorce
Long Guns FunTimes Barrel

Found in Phineas' personal quarters in his lab during the quest "Kept Secret But Not Forgotten" near the end of the game.

Landing Pad Cutter
2-Handed Melee   Bleed Found at Edgewater Landing Pad on a narrow walkway underneath the edge of the landing pad facing the ocean. It is by two dead bodies.
Long Ranger
Long Guns    Stagger Acquired by killing Grace in the Botanical Labs on Terra-2.
Long Guns   Knockback Pickpocketed from Constable Reyes in Edgewater on Terra-2.
Heavy Weapon Mag-2-Power Knockback  Can be found at Hero's Last Stand on Monarch.
Primal Tamer's Baton
1-Handed Melee   Stagger Found near a dead body on Scylla, directly East of Irion’s Ship, next to a wrecked starship. 
MSI Saltuna Searer
Heavy Weapon N/A Burn Obtained in the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by siding with Sanjar .
The Good Word
Heavy Weapon Mag-Num Stagger Obtained in the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by siding with Graham.
Adelaide's Gardening Shears
1-Handed Melee N/A Bleed Found on the desk in the captain's quarters of the Unreliable after killing Adelaide.
Long Guns FunTimes Barrel Stagger ???
The Negotiator
The Negotiator
Handguns N/A Stagger Can be found on the Unreliable after finishing all Sublight faction quests.
Grimm's Tossball Blocker

Grimm's Tossball Blocker
1-Handed Melee


Mr. Ouch

Stagger Given by Grimm for completing The Grimm Tomorrow quest in Stellar Bay on Monarch. Currently bugged.


    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2019 02:16  

      Grimm's Tossball Blocker is the reward for "The Grimm Tomorrow" quest, given by Grimm at the entrance to Stellar Bay

      • Anonymous

        27 Oct 2019 20:16  

        There is also the Landing Pad Cutting underneath the landing platform where Ludwig is, go down the hill hug the path on the edge and eventually you'll see 2 dead corpses and the weapon laying next to them

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