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The Outer Worlds Wiki gives complete and up-to-date information for RPG The Outer Worlds, a new IP by Obsidian Entertainment, the original creators of Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas. The game features a space-frontier theme, where players travel to the outskirts of civilization in Halcyon and become entangled in life-changing events that will change the course of history.

The game features many similar mechanics to Fallout, including a Stats system that is somewhat like SPECIAL, as well as a Perk system that grants passive bonuses. In addition, The Outer Worlds will have some new things, such as Flaws. Flaws will be "negative Perks" that apply a penalty to your character when certain criteria are met. For example, being in the close proximity of one enemy type may make you have a reduction in Stats. However, these negative Perks usually come with bonuses as well, much like Mutations from Fallout.

Players will be able to use a variety of ranged and melee weapons, much like Fallout. Players can bring these up by using the Weapon wheel, which is something new, and works somewhat like Mass Effect. This will allow players to swap weapons on the fly, instead of having to go to their inventories each time they wish to make a change.

There is currently no word yet about Skill Trees, but this is something we expect to find out soon, so please stay tuned!

About The Outer Worlds

In The Outer Worlds, you awake from hibernation on a colonist ship that was lost in transit to Halcyon, the furthest colony from Earth located at the edge of the galaxy, only to find yourself in the midst of a deep conspiracy threatening to destroy it. As you explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter various factions, all vying for power, the character you decide to become will determine how this player-driven story unfolds. In the corporate equation for the colony, you are the unplanned variable.


The Outer World Features

  • Single Player First Person RPG
  • Character not voiced, and mostly not visible
  • Player-Driven Story, Player Reputation
  • Multiple factions, Choices and Branching Dialogue
  • Vast world for exploration and discovery
  • Starship Party and Companion Management
  • No Microtransactions of any kind.


The Outer Worlds Release

Find your ship, build your crew, and explore the settlements, space stations, and other intriguing locations throughout Halcyon

  • Release Date: TBD
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One





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