Combat in The Outer Worlds is first-person and in real time, except when players use Tactical Time Dilation to slow it down. Players will aim much the way they do in other shooting type games, like Fallout, trying to hit the weakest parts of each Enemy. Players can swap Weapons on the fly, by using the Weapon Wheel, which is a departure from Fallout games and more akin to Mass Effect.

The Outer Worlds Combat

Tactical Time Dilation

Tactical Time Dilation in The Outer Worlds works similarly to Fallout's V.A.T.S. This special ability slows time and displays Enemy information including their classification, armor level, hit points and their associated Faction. Aiming during Tactical Time Dilation is 100% manual, and the restrictions on use can be eased by investing in Perks and Skills.

Tactical Time Dilation Information

Perks affecting this mechanic

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