Faction: Mercenary
Location: Stellar Bay (The Yacht Club) - Monarch

Nyoka in The Outer Worlds is a Companion that can follow you around on your journey with Quests and objectives of their own. She also has her own Abilities and SkillsPerks, and Alignment. Decisions you make when she is with you may cause her to leave if she disapproves of it, or make comments positively or negatively depending on what you do.




Nyoka in The Outer Worlds

Nyoka is a tough and no-nonsense mercenary operating in Monarch. She likes blowing up stuff, and will not hesitate to take the violent option during conversations. She does, however, have a softer side that is concerned for the well-being of all factions in Monarch, and even the system

Her personal quest will ask you to find mementos of her lost companions, and is called Star-Crossed Troopers.



How to Recruit Nyoka

In order to recruit Nyoka you will have to complete the quest Passion Pills that can be acquired at Stellar Bay in Monarch. After you complete the quest she will offer to join you. If you accept she will become your Companion.


Nyoka Perks and Ability

Companions in The Outer Worlds add one quarter of their adjusted Skill values to yours (rounded down). Additionally, if you have 60 Skill Point into Inspiration this number will be doubled to half their adjusted skill value. If you bring two companions that share the same Skills you will gain boosts from both of them, allowing you to get some Skills very very high.

Name Max Level Skill Value 1 Max Level Skill Value 2 Max Level Skill Value 3
Parvati Persuade 74 Lockpick 84 Engineering 88
Felix Persuade 81 Lockpick 80 Sneak 77
Vicar Max Intimidate 77 Hack 81 Science 81
SAM Intimidate 89 Hack 80 Science 80
Nyoka Lie 74 Medical 77 Sneak 86
Ellie Lie 74 Medical 84 Engineering 77



Nyoka Related Quests



Nyoka Endings

Good Endings - Skip the Hope to Terra-2 and Complete Nyoka's Quest.

Nyoka returned to Monarch to take another crack at making a permanent life for herself. She formed the Charon Group, a mercenary outfit of ragtag survivalists and wilderness experts. Anyone in need of a guide - or just looking to throw back a beer and swap stories - could find her camping on the trail or clearing an infestation.


Nyoka Notes & Trivia

  • English voiced by: Mara Junot
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



Ellie  ♦  Felix  ♦  Parvati  ♦  SAM  ♦  Vicar Max

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    • You can give your companions a total of 6 perks, but there's a 7th one they get once you complete their particular quests. In Nyoka's case it's THE CREW (still don't know what it does, since I respecd my character and it was lost). If you don't like it you can even respec your character and give them 7 new perks

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