Locations in The Outer Worlds refers to the many areas that players may explore within the game. In The Outer Worlds players can expect to explore two Planets (that we know of), several space stations and asteroids within a distant Solar System. Areas open up as players complete Quests and unlock them with in-game actions. These locales will have limited level scaling, so adventurers should be careful not to venture forth into certain locations until they are ready for the challenge.

Outer Worlds Locations

The Halcyon System is comprised of two main planets and several moons and asteroids. Players can also explore space stations.

  • Hostile alien species are found in the planets, but one of them is "terraformed" - meaning that there's an atmosphere viable to human life and to create an inhabitable biosphere.




A terraformed planet with a viable atmosphere conductive to earth-like habitation for humans




An inhospitable planet with fierce alien predatorial life, dangerous for human settlement

  • Example Outer Worlds Location



The Groundbreaker


The hub or base of operations of the Player Character and Companions. AI ADA is installed here.

  • Example Outer Worlds Location



An asteroid filled with abandoned labs. It seems that the entire colony is abandoned.

  • Example Outer Worlds Location


Short location description goes here

  • Example Outer Worlds Location

Example Location

Short location description goes here

  • Example Outer Worlds Location


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