Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds are a bit of a mystery, and not much is currently known about them. These are most likely going to be the "out of the this world" type Weapons with crazy effects, like the already confirmed Shrink Ray! Below is a list of Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds.

The Side Quest "Weapons from the Void" helps you in collecting all these special weapons.


The Outer Worlds Science Weapons


Weapon Type


Special Effect

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)
Handguns N/A N/A
Gloop Gun
Heavy Weapon N/A N/A
Mandibular Rearranger
1-Handed Melee N/A Stagger
Mind Control Ray
Long Guns N/A Stagger
Prismatic Hammer
2-Handed Melee N/A Knockdown
Shrink Ray
Handgun N/A Weaken
Special Delivery
Special Delivery

(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)
Heavy Weapon N/A Knockdown
Spectrum Gatling

(Only Available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)
Long Guns N/A Stagger
The Needler

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)
Handgun   Corrosion
The P.E.T.
The P.E.T.

(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)
2-Handed Melee N/A Bleed


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    • Anonymous

      I currently have a 2h character that uses the Prismatic Hammer. As long as you keep it tinkered at max (5 levels above you) there's not a mob that will live past a few hits. I completed the Halcyon Helens murder dlc at lvl 20 and it's recommended a minimum of level 30iirc. Power Attack does slash damag when you're not up close. Really nice science weapon.

      • Anonymous

        In case anyone is wondering: these all suck. Science weapons sound fun in theory, but in practice they are all worthless, and only become more worthless on higher difficulties. The only exception would be the Prismatic Hammer EXCEPT that melee overall is suicide on higher difficulties.

        Find a high damage per bullet gun instead. Don't bother with Science weapons or Melee unless you just want to torture yourself.

        • I love/ loving 2 handed melee in this, but watching gophers playthru when he finally finds the Pet , its looks awesome n cool, but I feel that's it , ( not finished watching video, to see what it actually does ) comparing it to the prismatic hammer makes it pale by action, , but it'd make an cool wall display on the captain ship wall , if we could...

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