Faction: Spacer's Choice
Location: Edgewater - Emerald Vale
Age: 28

Parvati in The Outer Worlds is a Companion that can follow you around on your journey with Quests and objectives of their own. They also have their own Abilities and SkillsPerks, and Alignment. Decisions you make when they are with you may cause them to leave if they disapprove of it, or make comments positively or negatively depending on what you do.




Parvati in The Outer Worlds

Parvati is a peaceful and shy engineer that you first meet at Reed Tobson's office in Edgewater. She will suggest talking to Vicar Max in Edgewater to gain moral guidance.

Parvati will ask if you're a drinker if you enter the canteen. Talk to her after and she will comment that she can see folks leaving the canteen and none of them seem happy or better off.

After you have met Thomas Kemp, you can talk to Parvati using Perception and mention he seemed fond of her. She will not say much on the matter.

You can also mention she talks about her dad but not her mother, and she will say she never met her. You can find out that her mother's contract stated that kids belonged to her office from the time of conception, so they were separated. She justifies it by saying her mother worked some "high-level" stuff and it was better to be raised in her father's time instead.

Parvati is not allowed into Edgewater's General Store. Talk to her after entering the store and she will reveal that when she was 12 she accidentally picked the lock of a vending machine and littered its contents all over the store and road, and the bottles exploded and ruined Reed Tobson's speech.

Once you're aboard the Unreliable, you can talk to Parvati and learn more about her life. She will reveal that there was suspicion that her aptitude test was not accurate and just a reflection of her father's work. She lost her father about a year after returning from school.

When you dock at the Groundbreaker, she will ask to talk and mention Junlei Tennyson, and unlock the quest Drinking Sapphire Wine.


How to Recruit Parvati

Parvati can be accepted into your party during the quest Stranger in a Strange Land, when Reed Tobson asks you to cut of the power of the Botanical Lab deserters.

You can visit Parvati's house by the cannery and inspect her terminal to learn about her mother and father.


Parvati Perks and Ability

Companions in The Outer Worlds add one quarter of their adjusted Skill values to yours (rounded down). Additionally, if you have 60 Skill Point into Inspiration this number will be doubled to half their adjusted skill value. If you bring two companions that share the same Skills you will gain boosts from both of them, allowing you to get some Skills very very high.

Name Max Level Skill Value 1 Max Level Skill Value 2 Max Level Skill Value 3
Parvati Persuade 74 Lockpick 84 Engineering 88
Felix Persuade 81 Lockpick 80 Sneak 77
Vicar Max Intimidate 77 Hack 81 Science 81
SAM Intimidate 89 Hack 80 Science 80
Nyoka Lie 74 Medical 77 Sneak 86
Ellie Lie 74 Medical 84 Engineering 77



Parvati Related Quests



Parvati Endings

Good Ending - Skip the Hope to Terra-2 and complete Parvati's questlines.

Once the matter with the Hope colonists was resolved, Junlei bashfully asked Parvati if she'd like to join her permanently on the Groundbreaker, and Parvati enthusiastically - if somewhat awkwardly - agreed.

The stories of her adventures spread across the colony, and Parvati soon found herself the center of attention. Having served as the engineer of a renowned spacecraft, tramp freighters and wildcat miners sought her out by name, and in no time, she was a fixture in the Groundbreaker's mechanical ecosystem. She and Junlei were never far apart.


Moderate Ending - If you don’t complete the Parvati Quest But do the good ending.

Parvati will never leave the ship and become best friends with Ada. She will never fully come out of her shell.

Bad Ending - Skip the Hope to Tartarus and complete Parvati's questlines.

Once the matter with the Hope colonists was resolved, Junlei bashfully asked Parvati if she'd like to join her permanently on the Groundbreaker, and Parvati enthusiastically - if somewhat awkwardly - agreed.

As the Board began to roll out their Lifetime Employment Program, Parvati was increasingly plagued by dreams of freezing to death, and rarely left their shared quarters. Stymied by dwindling resources, Junlei struggled to keep the Groundbreaker afloat. Their relationship couldn't survive the strain. Parvati moved into crew quarters and found work servicing water pumps in hydroponics.
Skip the Hope to Tartarus



Parvati Notes & Trivia

  • English voiced by: Ashly Burch
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



Ellie  ♦  Felix  ♦  Nyoka  ♦  SAM  ♦  Vicar Max

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      If you finish the game without completing her questline with Junlei, she will stay on the ship and becomes BFFs with ADA.

      • Anonymous

        I just recruited her, but I can't send her back to my ship. Am I supposed to do something before that is a function?

        • You can give your companions a total of 6 perks, but there's a 7th one they get once you complete their particular quests. In Parvati's case it's ENCHANTED EVENING (Food Effect Duration +25%, Drink Effect Duration +25%). If you don't like it you can even respec your character and give them 7 new perks.

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