Game Progress Route in The Outer Worlds will help the player figure out which way to go and in what order. This is more or less a road map for The Outer Worlds, laying out just what things you must do and what is optional (and what is recommend). Below is the Game Progress Route for The Outer Worlds.


The Outer Worlds Game Progress Route





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    • Anonymous

      I think I figured out something that might interest you other Captains out there.

      So I was able to do everything on the Groundbreaker and head to Terra-2 again to complete the Roseway content, then I turned all of that in. But before speaking with Dr. Welles to inform him I have a navkey to Stellar Bay, I stole the Board Seal from Gladys and turned it in to Udom. Netted me basically an extra 32,000 XP, then you're basically free to do either one. I'm not sure if this is possible no matter what until the final arch of the game's story or something, but I felt like this was at least worth mentioning because that's a good chunk of extra XP to get

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