Murder on Eridanos

Murder on Eridanos
New Location Eridanos
DLC Price $14.99 - Standalone
$24.99 - Expansion Pass
Release Date March 17th 2021

Murder on Eridanos for The Outer Worlds is the second DLC of the game. The Murder on Eridanos DLC introduces new missions on the planet Eridanos, where you'll meet new NPCs, discover state-of-the-art Weapons and Armor, as well as partaking in the latest Quests where various secrets are waiting to discover. Players can purchase the Murder on Eridanos DLC for $14.99 individually, or purchase the expansion pass for $24.99 which also includes the Peril on Gorgon DLC. Murder on Eridanos launches for PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One on March 17th 2021.



Murder on Eridanos Information

  • In Murder on Eridanos, the hero is hired to investigate the murder of prolific Aetherwave Actress Ruth Bellamy, otherwise known as Halcyon Helen. This brand new storyline takes place on Eridanos, home to the Rizzo's line of beverage distilleries and their famed Purpleberry Orchards. Embark on a journey of intrigue and mystery as you solve the case of Halcyon Helen.
  • Players will be able to travel to Eridanos once they get gain access to the landing pad at Stellar Bay on Monarch. This means that finishing the game is not necessary and players will be able to access the new content by speaking to ADA as soon as the landing pad is unlocked.
  • The Murder on Eridanos DLC adds a new narrative to the overall experience of the game. Players will meet new characters and discover ridiculous but deadly weapons and fashionable armor.
  • Obsidian has now raised the player level cap to 36.
  • There will be new Perks and Flaws that will be added to this DLC.


Murder on Eridanos Locations

Murder on Eridanos Related Quests


Murder on Eridanos Related NPCs

Murder on Eridanos Weapons


Murder on Eridanos Armor

Murder on Eridanos Perks

  • Coming Soon

Murder on Eridanos Skills

Level cap is increased to 36 and there are no new skill caps available. Virtuoso is still the most difficult one at 150.

Note that some skill checks in the base game have been increased, e.g a terminal on Monarch required a hack skill 100, but with the DLC installed this increases to 140.



Murder on Eridanos Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      It's also available for the Nintendo Switch. It works with both cartridge and digital versions. $14.99 in the eShop.

      • Anonymous

        Missing the unique armor Administrator's Finery which drops from the Queen/Ludovico when you kill the Queen.

        • Anonymous

          Missing the unique armor Honor Guard's Uniform and Helm. Uniform is in a crate in the room right after the room you killed the Queen in. The helm is in the Prophet of Profitability's hut on some crates right next to her.

          • Anonymous

            Missing the unique bolter pistol Eureka which can be found in a safe (105 lockpick) during the final mission in the distillery. You will come to a room with a few enemies that you can kill by increasing the pressure in the pipes and after they are dead there is a door just before some stairs that you want to go through and then take a left instead of straight and the safe will be in that room.

            • Anonymous

              Missing the unique armor Exploration Authority Helm which can be found on the bride leading to the Wilderness Exploration Reserve near the base of the elevator.

              • Anonymous

                Missing the unique inferno scythe Onslaught which is sold by the Eridanos Dry Goods and Sundry vendor Joseph Dempsy if you give him the supplies during the quest The Two Rangers and don't turn them in to the constable.

                • Anonymous

                  Missing the Rizzo's Rangers Hacker Uniform which is found in the museum in a crate by the Black Hole Bertie exhibit.

                  • Anonymous

                    Unique telescoping staff “Clapper” can be found at the abandoned restaurant in the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve.

                    • Anonymous

                      Unique Vermin named "Hand Cannon" on Kincannon's desk after completing main quest line. Don't know how long it's been there.

                      • Anonymous

                        Manca eureka, il set guardia d'onore, il vestito di helen ottenuto borseggianola e il vestito di Ludovico ottenuto dal suo corpo

                        • Sorry, half tired that should read - So when this gets started thru watching the ether wave, do you or should you continue on with this or continue on with stellar bay stuff then do this eidanos dlc ?

                          • So when thie gets start thru watching the eatherwave, do you or should you contiues on with this or coninute on with stella bay stuck then do this eidanos dlc ?

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