Burst Ambulation Cap

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Company Rizzo
Armor Type Clothing
Item Lvl 31
Skill Bonus Movement Speed during TTD +110%
Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate +20%
Weight 0.00
Sell Value 288
Condition (Max)  

Burst Ambulation Cap is a Unique Head Armor added with the Murder on Eridanos DLC in The Outer Worlds. Armor can be worn by the player to reduce incoming damage dealt by Enemies. Armor also changes the physical appearance of the player when worn.


Whoever said "Time waits for no one" hasn't met you!


Where to Find & Location

  • Burst Ambulation Cap can be found at the basement of the Grand Colonial Hotel on Eridanos. The cap is found in Room A3. You can get inside the room by going around to the back and climbing into the opening. Loot the dead concierge on the right.



Burst Ambulation Cap Notes 

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