Defective MoonMan Helmet
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Company Spacer's Choice
Armor Type Clothing
Item Lvl 1
Skill Bonus Temperament +1
Weight 0.00
Sell Value 38
Condition (Max)  

Defective MoonMan Helmet is a Unique Head Armor in The Outer Worlds. Armor can be worn by the player to reduce incoming damage dealt by Enemies. Armor also changes the physical appearance of the player when worn.


No problems.

Everything's Fine. (When inspecting)


Where to Find & Location

  • The Groundbreaker: on a shelf in a locked room behind the Spacer's Choice shop in the Promenade. (Lock level 20)


Defective MoonMan Helmet Notes

  • There does not seem to be any discernable difference between the Defective MoonMan Helmet and the regular MoonMan Helmet, aside from the Skill Bonus and item description.




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