Tips and Tricks for The Outer Worlds is a section meant to give players general advice, as well as let them in on things they might not know that can be very helpful. New and veteran players alike can learn something from the information about The Outer Worlds listed here.


The Outer Worlds Tips & Tricks


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    • Anonymous

      There's a fast travel duplication exploit that can make you very rich from the start of the game. Can take about an hour but it can break the immersion..... Basically enter Edgewater, find a spot on the ground to put your stuff (Weapons, mag picks, armour parts, etc) then fast travel to Edgewater, pick up your stuff then fast travel again. You'll find all your dropped items duplicated at the same location. To make it easier, just duplicate your Weapon & Armour parts, Mag Picks and Hack tools - they have no weight penalty so you can just repeat the same process over and over without having to go to the vendor once your overburdened. Doubling your items every time. Then find a vendor, sell half and repeat. In about an hour of playtime you can be a millionaire. Obsidian are aware of this, not sure how they are going to fix it???

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