Aptitudes in The Outer Worlds are categorized as the player's natural ability, these work hand-in-hand with Skills which grants a bonus to a specified specialized skill. Choosing an aptitude only occurs during Character Creation and one type of aptitude can only be chosen, there are 15 different Aptitudes a player can choose from.



The Outer Worlds Aptitude


No Discernible Aptitude

Aptitude Bonus: +1 Determination


Beverage Service Technician

Aptitude Bonus: +3 Drink Effect Duration


Bureaucrat, Rank 0

Aptitude Bonus: +1 Block


Construction, Electrician Class, Wire Spooler

Aptitude Bonus: -3% Shock Damage Received



Farmer, Dirt

Aptitude Bonus: -3% N-ray Damage Received


Food Additive Tester

Aptitude Bonus: +3% Food Effect Duration


Janitor, Sanitation Class

Aptitude Bonus: -3% Corrosive Damage Received


Tossball Team Mascot

Aptitude Bonus: +1 Inspiration



Safety Inspector

Aptitude Bonus: -3% Plasma Damage Received


Sub Sous Chef

Aptitude Bonus: +1 1-Handed Melee



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