The Outer Worlds Builds play an important role with the structure of the game, as players have many different ways to accomplish their objectives. In addition, there are many different types of Weapons that players can utilize to balance gunplay, melee and dialogue in Builds. Players will need to plan Weapons, Armor, Perks, Stats and Skills in order to make an effective Build in The Outer Worlds game.

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The Outer Worlds Builds


Time Sniper Build

Build that focuses on eliminating enemies from range, before they even know you are there.


Elite Trooper (Melee) Build

Build that focuses on hacking enemies to death with melee weapons quickly and efficiently.



Corrosive Terminator (Heavy Weapons) Build

Build that focuses on eliminating enemies from mid range with a myriad of bullets.


Universal Scientist (Science Weapons) Build

Build that focuses on using the Science Weapons of the game to devastating effects.



Lone Ranger (Long Guns) Build

Build that focuses on blowing away your enemies from point blank range with Shotguns, while making use of the Dialog Skill group extensively.


Space Cowboy (Handguns) Build

Build that focuses on the use of Handguns to dispatch large groups of enemies quickly from close or mid range.



More Builds Soon!


Character Creation Beginner Guide



More Builds Soon!


More Builds Soon!


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      i know this will sound weird coming from a souls series fan and day one player, but why do people rely on others to make builds for them, surely the point of an RPG is to explore and learn the mechanics yourself and find what works best for you, otherwise whats the point in even playing the game if your not willing to spend the time to learn the game thoroughly and figure stuff out yourself.

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