Tactical Time Dilation

Effect: Slows down the world, giving you time to think, as well as take action.

Tactical Time Dilation is a Combat Stat in The Outer Worlds. Tactical Time Dilation works similarly to Fallout's V.A.T.S. This special ability slows time and displays Enemy information including their classification, armor level, hit points and their associated Faction.




Tactical Time Dilation Information

Due to complications stemming from being revived after an extended hibernation, your brain processes time differently.

  • This ability can only be used by the player.
  • Activating TTD slows down the time and your environment around you.
  • Pressing the R1 Button (PlayStation) or RB Button (Xbox) or Q Key (PC) will activate TTD.
  • TTD Location Hits: Hitting enemies in different locations maims or cripples those body parts- try different locations to see the different effects. Hits to the chest produce different effects when using different weapons.
  • Time Dilation Scanner: While in TTD, look at the character to scan and gather information about them. You will be able to see their Health, Faction, Armor Rating, as well as tactics they prefer to use, their strengths, and their weaknesses.



Ways to Increase and Improve Tactical Time Dilation



Tactical Time Dilation Notes and Trivia

  • In Supernova difficulty, TTD has a limited time, standing still drains the TTD meter very slowly, while moving and attacking drain it faster, and the meter refreshes slowly over time.


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      Does the weapon type (handguns, long guns etc.) affect the Time Dilation? Like in Fallout, where heavier weapons cost more "action points" in V.A.T.S.

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