Workbench in The Outer Worlds allows the player to upgrade their own Weapons, and Armor. It requires the Tinker ability to be able to do, and as this improves you can add more and more Durability to your equipment.


Workbenches can be found in many Locations and in most of the main Cities. There is also a Workbench located on the Unreliable that the player can use between different Locations. They can be  identified on the map by their symbol:work_bench_icon_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_300px

When you find a Workbench, hold the interaction button to bring up the menu. You will see four different options: Modify, Tinker, Repair and Break Down. Each option serves a different purpose and are explained below:


Modify allows you to install Mods on Weapons and Armor. Each Weapon or Armor has different slots that you can use to install the Mods. There are three kinds of Mods: Ranged Weapon ModsMelee Weapon Mods and Armor Mods.

In order to install a Mod, you need to have it on your inventory. It is also important to note that Mods used will be removed from your inventory and you won't get them back if you replace them for a new one. You can try to recover a mod by using the  "Break Down" option on the Workbench but this is chance based and you may not get it.

To install a Mod, click on the Weapon or Armor you desire to modify (Unique Weapons and Unique Armor cannot be modified) and then select the Mod that you want to install. You can see the available slots on a weapon under the "Modifications" tab.

You increase the amount of mods you get by using the companion perk "Mod Finder"


In order to use Tinker, you need to have at least 20 points on "Science". Tinker allows you to increase the level and the base damage of any Weapon (including Unique Weapons) and the armor value of Armor (including Unique Armor).

In order to tinker a Weapon or Armor, go to a Workbench, select the "Tinker" option and then use the interact button. Make sure you have it on your inventory (it doesn't need to be equipped)

Each time you make an upgrade, it will get more expensive. You can reduce the cost of Tinker by unlocking the Science skills:

  • Level 40: Tinkering Cost: -50%
  • Level 80: Tinkering cost for Science Weapons is capped
  • Level 100: Further Reduce Tinkering Cost to -90%


You can repair Weapons and Armor with a decreased cost at the Workbench.

The Engineering skill reduces the Armor Parts and Weapon Parts needed to repair your equipment.

To repair a Weapon or Armor, first make sure you have it on your inventory (it doesn't need to be equipped). Go to a Workbench and select the "Repair" option. Select the item you want to repair and you will see the cost on the right part of the screen.

Break Down

Break down allows you to destroy a Weapon or Armor to obtain materials. By Breaking down Weapons you will obtain Weapon Parts and by breaking down Armor you will obtain Armor Parts.

When you break down equipment, if it has a Mod equipped, there is a chance that you will get it back.

You can increase your Engineering Skills to obtain:

Level 40: Break down Weapons and Armor for a 20% chance to extract a Basic Mod

Level 80: Break down Weapons and Armor for a 10% chance to extract a Rare Mod

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    • Anonymous

      Tinkering cannot raise any armor stats beyond level 50. You CAN raise the level to 104, but the rating never increases once you reach level 50.

      • Anonymous

        I've just started playing and I can already tell you that there are five types of weapon mods (so far) and four types of armor mods. The five types of weapon mods (so far) are sights, magazines, and barrels for guns, as well as grips and attack mods for melee weapons. The four types of armor mods (which can only be applied to armor, not headgear) are armoring, gadgets, skill kits, and utilities. I haven't even left the first area yet, at least try to post with some details.

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