Armor Mods in The Outer Worlds are used to improve and modify existing Armor, much like they do in Fallout. Modifications are special upgrades that give weapons unique characteristics. There are several different kinds of Armor Mods including: Skill Kit, Armoring, Utility, and Gadget. This page covers a full list of all the Armor Mods in The Outer Worlds.



The Outer Worlds Armor Mods


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Name of Mod Type of Mod Mod Effect Location of Mod
Thug Kit
Skill Kit Melee Weapon Skills +5
Defense Skills +10
Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad
Armoring Physical Armor Rating: 3 Ludwig Miller's residence in a locked container - Edgewater Landing Pad
Utility Carrying Capacity +20kg Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad
T&L's Exotic Assets Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad
Bullets 'N Things Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad
In a container inside Edgewater Cannery - Edgewater Cannery
Reactive Kinematic
Gadget Shield Projector T&L's Exotic Assets Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad (Restricted)
Hunter Kit
Skill Kit Ranged Weapon Skills +5 Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Cannery
Drawer insided Edgewater Cannery breakroom - Edgwater Cannery
Emerald Vale General Store - Edgewater
Tech Kit
Skill Kit Tech Skills +5 Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Cannery
Armoring Shock Armor Rating: 10 Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Cannery (Restricted)
Silver Tongue Kit
Skill Kit Dialog Skills +5
Leadership Skills +10
Geographic Scanner
Utility Interactable Highlight Range +5m
Nightingale Step
Utility Volume of Footsteps -25%
Radius of Footstep Sound -25%
Electro-Charged Surface
Gadget Shocks enemies that strike you in melee. Reward for finishing The Frightened Engineer quest in Botanical Labs.
Armoring N-Ray Armor Rating: 5
Armoring Plasma Armor Rating: 5
Leaper Injectors
Utility Dodge Distance +30%
Armoring Corrosion Armor Rating: 5
Chrono-Field Aggregator
Gadget Restores some TTD meter when you land a Critical Hit.
Gadget Increases the movement speed when TTD is activated.  

    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2020 21:44  

      Is there not a GUI bug with Modifications on Armor that erroneously shows Armor Damage by Type degrading with Mod Installation? I've been hesitant to Modify a number of armors due to this information, but my research is suggesting it's a Visual Bug and no protection is actually being lost. If this is true, this article should mention that.

      • 07 Nov 2019 00:18  

        There needs to be mentioned that 8 of these armor mods have 2 Tiers (T1 and T2). They are : 1) Anodized (T1 +5, T2 +10) 2) Insulated (T1 +5, T2 +10) 3) Laminated (T1 +5, T2 +10) 4) Grounded (T1 +5, T2 +10) 5) Toughened (T1 +3, T2 +5) 6) Hunter Kit (T1 +5, T2 +10) 7) Silver Tongue (T1 Dialog +5, T2 Dialog +10, Leadership the same for both) 8) Thug Kit (T1 Melee +5, T2 Melee +10, Defense the same for both) . So, always go for T2 for each of these if possible!

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