Melee Weapon Mods in The Outer Worlds modify your Melee Weapons and improve them in many ways. The primary Mod type for Melee Weapons is Attack but there is also Grip. This enhances certain aspects of your melee attack in one form or another. This page covers a full list of all the Melee Weapon Mods in The Outer Worlds.



The Outer Worlds Melee Weapon Mods


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Name of Mod Type of Mod Mod Effect Location of Mod
Mr. Power
Attack Damage Type: Plasma Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Cemetary
Emerald Vale General Store - Edgewater
Mr. Ouch
Attack Power Attack Damage +20% Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch Vending Machine - Edgewater Landing Pad
In a locked container in Silas' house in Edgewater Cemetery - Edgewater Cemetery
Grip Melee Weapon Durability +25%
Grip Melee Weapon Attack Speed +15%
Mr. Acid
Attack Damage Type: Corrosion
Mr. N
Attack Damage Type: N-ray
Mr. Zap
Attack Damage Type: Shock  

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    • Anonymous

      10 Feb 2021 06:48  

      found the mr. zap melee mod in one of the two vending machines right by the adjutants landing pad. adding that to the plasma cutter gold with a speed grip mod, is amazing when leveled up. or keeping it as plasma and adding the 20% extra heavy attack damage is pretty amazing also. not the highest dps, but if you miss with one of those it takes forever to swing again- unlike the faster speed of the plasma cutter.

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