Janitor, Sanitation Class

Bonus: -3% Corrosive Damage Received

Janitor, Sanitation Class in The Outer Worlds is an Aptitude. Janitor, Sanitation Class reduces the damage received from a Corrosive element. Aptitudes are bonuses that increase your character's Skills, this feature is included during Character Creation and players can only choose one Attribute they desire.


You spend your evenings kneeling over ominous stains with a bottle of caustic solvent and an absorbent rag.

How the blood got there is irrelevant, above your pay grade, and beneath your interest. You're an artist of erasure. When you're on the job, there's no trace to be found.


Janitor, Sanitation Class Information

  • Adds a -3% bonus of receiving damage towards a Corrosive element



Janitor, Sanitation Class Notes and Trivia

  • Choosing an Aptitude only occurs during Character Creation
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia




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