The Productivity Queen

Murder on Eridanos Quest
Previous ??
Next An Unfinished Accusation
Location Abandoned Rizzo's Bunker, Eridanos
Rewards Rizzo's Reputation
5,000 Bit Cartridge

The Productivity Queen is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


You've learned that Helen disparaged the Prophet of Profitability's work seminars, harming her and costing her bits. Investigate whether or not this would have motivated the Prophet to kill Helen.

The Productivity Queen Objectives

  • Track down the Prophet of Profitability
  • Look for the Body
  • Investigate the Prophet's Alibi
  • Confront the Prophet
  • Report to Administrator Ludovico


The Productivity Queen Walkthrough

This quest is acquired by questioning Bellhop Norville at the Grand Colonial Hotel about the crime scene. He divulges that Helen had left the Hotel with the Prophet of Profitability on the day of her death, making her a suspect. You will need to track down the Prophet.

The Prophet operates a private retreat in the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve. Head to the reserve by following the bridge north of the Hotel. As with the other areas on Eridanos, there will be a small transitioning island with another bridge leading to a lift that will get you into the Reserve.

At the Reserve, make your way to the Eastern section where you will find an Abandoned Bunker and head inside. You should find a large room to the right with several tents. The Prophet is located in the largest tent to the left. Speak with her to see what she has to say about her possible role in the murder.

There are several things that will unlock more dialogue options with her:

  • Finding the footprints at the Reserve with your Discrepancy Amplifier and uncovering a location where a heavy object was dumped.
  • Speaking to Aliyah Morison just outside and across from the Prophet's tent.
  • Analyzing the herbs inside the Prophet's tent.

When ready, you can investigate the Prophet's Alibi by checking around the room. There is a terminal on the wall opposite her tent. Read the message from Ruth Bellamy and then confront the Prophet. She admits to accidentally killing Halcyon Helen and carrying her body out into the wilderness. If you've completed The Man Who Chafed, you would know of Helen's cause of death. Go back to Administrator Ludovico to report and make a choice regarding what to do with the Prophet, completing the quest.

 Note that completing this quest will unlock An Unfinished Accusation if you've also completed one of the following:


The Productivity Queen Rewards

Unlocks quest: An Unfinished Accusation

Other Rewards: Rizzo's Reputation and 5,000 Bit Cartridge



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