The Bird Drug is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


You've discovered a formula for an effective antiparasitic. Synthesize the antiparasitic, disperse it through Eridanos's atmosphere, and put an end to Ludovico's plans.

The Bird Drug Objectives

  • Acquire Essence of Sprat
  • Collect an Egg Pod
  • (Optional) Recruit Sedrick
  • Synthesize the Antiparasitic
  • Disperse the Cure


The Bird Drug Walkthrough


This quest is acquired automatically at the end of Escape!

You will need to collect a couple of items in order to make the antiparasitic compound. Head over to the Piraeus Spaceport and enter the SubLight Freight and Storage Processing facility to speak with Sedrick Kincannon. He will tell you that you can pick up the Essence of Sprat from Ella Tinsley's office upstairs. You can also recruit Sedrick in the fight against Ludovico and he will send his SLUG troops to the distillery to back you up. Head up to Ella's office to pick up the essence.

The Egg Pod can be found in the Holey Caves at the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve. It's near the elevator leading into the Abandoned Rizzo's Bunker. Once you've collected both ingredients, you can head back to the Penthouse at the Hotel and use the centrifuge on the desk to the right to synthesize the compound. Next, head to the Phaeton Pilothouse's Navigation Deck building and use the terminal at the very back.

 After the brief cutscene and message from Ludovico, the quest is complete and the final quest The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World begins.


The Bird Drug Rewards

Unlocks quest: The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World

Other Rewards: ??



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