Short Circuit

Short Circuit
Company Spacer's Choice
DPS 1,008
Item Lvl 30
Skill Long Guns
Damage 84 (x12)
Magazine Size 8
Special Effects Knockback
Modifications Mag-2-Zap
Weight 2.00
Sell Value 603

Short Circuit is a Unique Weapon obtainable in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies. Each weapon has different attack values such as: damage, rate of fire, reload time, etc making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


A simple solution to a complicated, noisy problem. Keep away from ADA.


Short Circuit Information

  • Attacks with this weapon have an increased chance to Scramble automechanicals.


The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type Light Magazine Size 8
Skill Long Guns Effective Range 5m
Damage Type Shock  Max Range 20m
Damage 84 (x12) Recoil 7.759º
DPM 51,472 Aim Spread Reduction 0.7º
DPS 1,008 Sway
RPM 51.06 Spread
Rate of Fire 1 Shots/s Noise Range 45m
Equip Time 0.75s AoE Radius 0m
Reload Time 2.4s Max Charge Time 0s
Crit Chance 20% Ammo Per Shot
Crit Damage 130% Special Effects Knockback 
Post Armor Multiplier 100% Condition (MAX) 1,500/1,500 


Short Circuit Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:


Where to Find & Location

  • The Short Circuit can be found on Eridanos, on the small island between the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve and the Grand Colonial Hotel. Coming from the Hotel-side of the bridge, there is a patch of land left of the bridge with a cave. Inside the cave are several hostiles. Defeat them and loot the safe key from one of the corpses. Head back outside and onto the main platform on the island. There is a small building here with a hole blown on one side of the wall. The weapon is inside the safe in this building.


Short Circuit Notes


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