Sucker Bait

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Previous Pay for the Printer
Next Canid's Cradle
Location Amber Heights - Monarch
Rewards 15000xp
750 Bit Cartridge
Iconoclasts Reputation Up

Sucker Bait is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.


Zora has asked you to investigate an old relay station that has been overrun by monsters. She hopes to find answers to the mystery of the Amber Heights massacre.

Sucker Bait Objectives

  • Open the Sealed Door
    Zora thinks the codes she gave you are to the relay station's entrance
  • Search the Area
    Scour the station for any data cartridges or pertinent information regarding the Amber Heights massacre.
  • Return to Zora
    You found a suspicious data cartridge. This may be what Zora was looking for.


Sucker Bait Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest after completing Pay for the Printer. Follow Zora Blackwood to the medical building and talk to her. She will reveal that she thinks the Amber Heights Massacre was engineered by someone who gave the pirates access to the gate codes. Agree to help and you'll unlock the quest Sucker Bait.

Note: In order for Zora to offer you this quest, you must have chosen to spend the extra funds on medicine and supplies in The Commuter. You must have also saved the Van Noys in Pay for the Printer.

Make your way to the Abandoned Relay Station, found west from Fallbrook. The area is populated by Mantisaur, Mantipillar and even a Mega Mantisaur. Defeat them and then approach the terminal. Unlock it and you'll earn 7500xp.

(Iconoclast Apostle can be found in a container in the sealed relay station. )

Inside you'll find the Unique Armor: Hemlock's Eyepatch and an Old Data Cartridge. This will net you 7500 XP and will update your quest. Login to the terminal and read for lore about the region. Return to Zora for your reward of Iconoclasts Reputation and 15000 XP, 750 Bit Cartridges.

You'll learn Graham gave them the gate codes, and orchestrated the attack. You can confront him after this and he will allude to a "lesser man than he is now" having made such a call, and tell you that the ends justify the means.

Completing this quest makes it possible to negotiate an alliance between MSI and the Iconoclasts after completing Radio Free Monarch.


Sucker Bait Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards: 15000xp, 750 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclasts Reputation up

You can find an Iconoclast Apostle Helmet in a container in the sealed relay station on Monarch during the quest.


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    • Anonymous

      omg so adding to the previous comment, you can still make it work even if you already picked up the module, jsut obviously make sure you haven't given it to anyone yet. use AdditemDebug FQ_0406_Outpost_AccessCodes 1 to add the codes to your inventory. go to the abandoned relay station, use the codes to open the door, get the data module and you can still give it to zora even if you don't have the quest for it. and voila you can complete all the steps needed to persuade msi and the iconoclasts to work together!

      • Anonymous

        In case you missed talking to Zora at some point to receive the quest or failed to complete one of the objectives to be given it, it is possible to work around with the Console, so as long as you haven't picked up the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module in the following Quest from the Crashed Starship. You'll want to add the Relay Station Access codes required to enter the building of the Relay Station which contains the Datapad regarding Graham giving the Pirates the access code. The Debug command is AdditemDebug FQ_0406_Outpost_AccessCodes 1 Getting the Information from the Terminal will internally trigger Zora to respond with her corresponding Dialogue even if you never received the quest and she will tell you that she will need time to think about it. At this point you can get continue the story towards the crashed landing ship, retrieve the Targeting Module and upon visiting the Graham, she will intercept you shortly before walking upstairs to take over the place. Note that it is still required to get the Report for Sanjar to make her trustworthy to him.

        • Anonymous

          Can you reset the mission? I completed both quests, but did not have the persuasion level when I talked to Zora.

          • Anonymous

            "nothing will come of it" - wrong, you can then make both faction agree at the end of this planet's core mission, so they both end up your friend instead of having to eradicate one...

            • Anonymous

              HELP! I got the cartridge and did the objectives before doing the quest! Now Zora simply stands in the med-bay waiting for me to do this again without having the quest active!!

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